I am born with a “selective” virtue ~ selective amnesia, selective hearing (the word is hearing, not listening), selective comprehension, selective everything.. oh and did I mention selective amnesia?

As much as I’m a professional operations personnel, I am the most disorganized organizer one has ever met. If my boss ever experience how I organize my life, he will probably doubt my ability PRONTO! And so, I maintain a list of “To-Bakes” ~ frankly, I have no idea where that list is now (probably buried in between my paper mountains of recipes) but my selective memory did not fail me here.. well done dory fish!

The immediate thing that came to my mind, was the 65C Crème de Coffee ~ that was one of the very first few bread roll that intrigued me ~ the recipe called for a small dough which is my favourite. I never like to make everything in abundance just in case the taste was not to the liking ~ plus, I always believe in the words “freshly baked”. The filling wasn’t too sweet and was custardy ~ a good change from my usual custard lai wong filling.  The next decision was how do I want it to look? Butter roll was the immediate answer.

I always thought the shape of a butter roll looked harmless, and when I say harmless, I mean, piece of cake. I was so wrong. I failed in my first 2 attempts as you will see in my earlier posts. I gave it a 3rd attempt with extreme determination to shape it into a butter roll (with tentacles) ~ I think I succeeded this time, though I think I can still do better.

So, to add on to the list ~ selective determination.

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