in my sister’s words “you just enjoy shaping everything into pigs”…. and yes, confession ~ i just enjoying shaping my bakes into little piggies.. don’t you just find them so loveable, and adorable. it’s one of those times when you platter these on the dining people, and people just go “aw… i can’t eat these… they are so cute”.

i guess the real reason i wanted to shape it this way was because making a lotus paste mantou was not too difficult a task for me ~ and on a Sunday, i wanted to use all the time i have on a weekend to “bake” a difference… indeed ~ these little roundballs took me 5 hours from preparation, to food colouring, shaping, and finally steaming. it was meant for “har m cha” (cantonese for afternoon tea), but they ended up on the husband’s plate as early dinner..

oh well, who really mind? they looked and tasted good.. one thing for sure, i had to turn my head away as the hubby peeled the top layer of the mantou away… it was like watching Face Off… the entire face of the piglet, was on the table… it took me 5 hours to prepare.. and it took him 5 seconds to face my piglet off ……


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