cheesecakes had always been a bake i like to master and do well but it does need patience in abundance.. foiling the pan, ensuring that the ingredients are of room temperature, cream cream cheese well, no lumps, no over mixing, preparing water bath, monitoring temperature, not overbaking, top up water in water bath (and oh my, did i learn it the hardest way if i may exaggerate that you should always open a hot oven with water bath from an angle! i swear the pores in on my nostrils are much wider than those on elsewhere! ) switch off oven when centre slightly jiggles (till date, I am still trying to achieve a consistent definition of “slightly jiggles”), keeping it in oven for an oven with door ajar for an hour, remove, cool completely, refrigerate… that is hell of half a day gone…

i had contemplated on the rocky road cheesecake for weeks ~ simply because no one except the maid appreciates cheesecake, plus, it is a difficult one to present elegantly… afterall, the name tells it all?

i will never forget the question my hubby once posed me “always ask yourself ~ if you were in a bakery and you saw this bake, will you buy it? if you won’t, then what makes you think the others will?” this, is the general rule of thumb to presentation

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