Friday 13th… much as i expected Mr. Sod’s Law to be omnipresent today, he was nowhere in sight.. the flight was on schedule, impeccable service level in SQ as always, arrived on time, no queue at the immigrations, NO WAIT for the luggages, saw my favourite porter who helped with the 4 massive luggages, passed through security without being stopped (i was expecting to be stopped as we brought back a gigantic ikea box of wedding invitation cards)… all went well…. and we were greeted with Mr. Law at the arrival gate. The driver, was nowhere in sight… it was an extremely frustrating 45 mins wait for the driver and his attitude, leaves villa of space for improvement. Good luck to you Mr. Driver. I do not look forward to seeing you again.

I developed a good habit of packing for convenience of unpacking ~ everything for the kitchen goes into one luggage, and the bedroom in another…  now that was good because it gives me plenty of time in the evening to bake…. this is important because everytime i travel, i fear i lose the “touch” of baking. that is how amateurish i am!

Dad came home with us today ~ been 2 dog-gone years since he was back in Beijing. I really wanted him to try my baking.. but i was brain dead. I needed something fast and cute. I shot my focus into the hall, and saw 2 skinheads ~ dad, and the coach… they remind me of the botak turtlehead… so, maybe a simple turtlebread? that is afterall, an unchecked item in my to-bake list.. a little matcha bread dough, something not too sweet, coupled with a cookie dough.

Dad loves these cute little things he even brought a couple for his flight to Lanzhou~ or maybe in my hubby’s words “he’s only trying to make me happy” .. but it’s good intention anyway? we will always be daddy’s little girl 所谓养儿100年,常犹99。。。。

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