when you are sick for nearly a week and given strict instructions by the coach that it is a defo NO GYM, NO BAKING, NO TV, NO WORK, you know you’re in for the week. I spent most of my time drinking gallons of evian water ~ well, it’s not as if I haven’t been drinking enough ~ I’m a 3-4L water drinker on normal days but when I was sick, I felt I had been possessed by a buffalo… we buy evian water by the cartons.. a carton of 12 (each bottle being 1.5L) to be exact… i finish 11 bottles myself on a particular day.. no kidding.. my husband was shock at my intake of water…

oh and i digressed again.. so me.. anywayz, i spent most of my time drinking water, steaming my face above BOILING water, taking hot baths, doing yoga (with 2 rolled tissue sticks stuffed up the nostrils), blowing the nose (I swear the nose ran so much I think it will take another 25 years to regenerate the skin around the nose) AND! paying homage to a Japanese rollcake book i bought in Tokyo ~ many a times, i end up with my eyebrows kneaded but with some basic knowledge of ingredients, baking process, coupled with the handy pictures, i finally figured out one of the 3 methods of baking swiss rolls… not too bad! pat pat

when the coach gave a reluctant “ok.. u can bake”, i couldnt wait but sprung out of the bed just to bake this.. i wanted some colours back in my life… what can be more colourful than a cake like this?

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