I have always been wanting to bake this Rose Chiffon cake (バラのシフォンケーキ)but have never gotten to it because i have everything but the rose buds… so lame… and when i finally got to buying it, i know there’s no reason from stopping me to bake this.

I like the smell of rosewater ~ something really romantic, subtle but yet with a tint of sweetness. I was really hesitant if i should try my luck in dropping a few rose buds into the cake as i wondered if the texture could contain the weight of the buds. well, it held up well 😀

as usual, i googled the history of chiffon cakes and was amazed to find out that chiffon cake, also known as the first really new cake in 100 years, was invented by a Los Angeles insurance agent (Harry Baker) in 1927! The secret to the airy cake, is of course beating the egg whites separately from the yolks, and the use of vegetable oil in place of shortening. It was then in 1947, when General Mills bought the recipe from Harry Baker. He agreed to sell the recipe to General Mills so “Betty Crocker could give the secret to the women of the America.” (source: whatscookingamerica.net)

Pollution index: 128 (unhealthy for sensitive group)

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