as the saying goes ~ good things come in small sizes. i love everything mini (except the string of numbers in my bank account) ~ cute, easy to eat (good for the hubby who enjoys pinching halves and halves from bakes) ~ just take and go.. no need to cut and wash knife ~ wakakaka! lazy me!

these cute little waffle bites have a very interesting texture and aroma ~ all thanks to the icing sugar and parmesan cheese… sweet little things…. ^_^

Pollution index: 152 (unhealthy)


  • tan says:

    hi…can share me the recepi and method on how to this waffles bites? wish to make for my little girl…how was the tools u use to get mini waffles like flower?

    • hi, this is actually very simply. unfortunately i did not document the steps to making these. basically after you mix the ingredients, it feel like a dough. just pinch into small little balls and place into you heated up waffle maker, then bake till it\’s brown. its that simple 😀

  • this is a very old post so i cannot really remember how to make this. but i believe you have to beat butter with sugar, add in egg, then fold in the dry ingredients. it\’s not really a flower. just pinch the dough, and put inside the waffle maker. when you close it, it presses out the shape. you will know what i mean when you make it

    • tan says:

      ok..i will try make it..thanks..anyway I have 1 question regarding mantou…I have tried one of your recepi..but I dint steam it after make..i keep for the next day only im going to keep this dough? it seem not nice after the next day? it is because the yeast dough?

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