I bought these little feet wrappers in Japan some moons ago.. no idea why but i just found them cute. Oh well.. women.. as the saying goes, we will pay half the price for something we don’t need, and men will pay double for something they need…

these finally came to good use as i decided on a savoury bun for hubby’s saturday lunch. i decided to start playing with “dinkel” flour (oh yes, texture is good) and shaping the buns into a chicken drumstick since the man loves KFC… 2 hungry mouths to feed (husband and the coach) … so much so that i had to “fasterly” take pictures and pass the food to them.. these buns were gone in less than 30 mins (i had another bun shaped as a baby duck as i ran out of fillings.. of course that never survived the shoot)… what other better assurance can you get as an amateurish baker? 😉

Pollution index: suddenly no data? 莫非爆标了??

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