I really wanted to shape this into a curry puff but the dough is really way too soft for the shaping.. plus, it’s a really hectic day. started at 530am with gym, breakfast meeting, and then apartment hunting (walked like 2km in killer heels because roads were blocked due to the Chinese protesting outside the Japanese embassy), and swing dance class… hubby wanted bread ~ hvnt made bread for a long time.. and i really had to use up some of those near expiring curry chicken packs that hubby bought from japan… so here we go. really tired.. but never liked to serve the bread as it is… so how how how??? ahhhh…

shaped these into shape of crab… but hubby had no idea what they look like.. 55555… but when i asked if he will buy it in the bakery, he said yes. so ok lah… passed the test ;D

Pollution index: 72 (moderate)


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