i’m sure you will agree that when you are looking out for something deliberately, you will never find it. but when you are not looking for it, it is everywhere…

Beijing is a very “seasonal” city ~ people here believe that there is a season for everything and if you are to eat something that is not in season, people look at you like “why are you eating that during summer??”. those looks, are the exact looks i gave to those women who walk out of the bathroom without washing hands..

and so, i have been craving for good, sweet unprocessed carbs… sweet potato.. but where are those dubious looking, rusty charcoal-tinned cyclists selling roasted sweet potato? this wondering inspired me to shape these little walnut wholewheat bread roll into sweet potato… oh ya, truly ugly but they are yummy…

Pollution index: 153 (unhealthy)


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  • Dr (February 12, 2017)

    Hi, I’m big fun of wholemeal. May I get the recipe for this?

  • Dr (February 12, 2017)

    I’m big fan of wholemeal bread. Very hard to get soft wholemeal bread. Any secret to get soft fluffy wholemeal ?

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