rilakkuma swiss roll

i swear i am a true blue Singaporean. Because I am a super kia-si person. When the weather is bad, i stay home and oh ya, no way can you get me out of the house. Pa si also no go out.

Weather station predicted sandstorm beginning last night but nothing happened. And as i left my grocery shopping this afternoon, i swear i walked right into a sandstorm that just started making its angry way into the city! it was not nice i can tell you. I now know why it is sandstorm.. i could barely open my eyes! You just feel absolutely dirty…

in such weather, staying home is the most comfortable thing to do ~ of course, i bake and bake… this swiss roll preparation began as early as 8am… i didnt finish up till 3pm.. include the freezing of the ice cream, and chilling the cake. and then i went on to prepare the batter for chocolate waffles… what a day but i really do not know what else can keep me happier…

Happy baking people!

Pollution index: 108 (unhealthy)

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