batternburg (546x407) (200x149)blueberry muffins (560x322) (200x115)brioche (457x423) (200x185)buttery croissants (374x560) (134x200)Cafe au lait (422x484) (174x200)black sesame seed buns (370x560) (132x200)bagels (416x523) (159x200)cheery marzipan ladybugs (387x560) (138x200)watermelon skin matcha roll cake (560x380) (200x136)cinnamon buns (560x420) (200x150)chocolate eclairs (469x415) (200x177)chocolate wassant bread (560x420) (200x150) cocktail buns (522x560) (186x200)first gingerbread house (439x560) (157x200)Fraise Exotique (427x489) (175x200)gateau de voyage (402x521) (154x200)Gluten free coconut vanilla sandwich ice cream (413x560) (148x200)hei bee hiam buns (560x374) (200x134)hi-hat cupcake (560x374) (200x134)Hokkaido chiffon cuppies (362x560) (129x200)homemade chewy muesli bars (421x560) (150x200)hooting owl cuppies (427x524) (163x200)hot cross buns (484x560) (173x200)ice cream cookies (397x427) (186x200)japanese bread man (353x560) (126x200)lemon macarons (374x560) (134x200)japanese baked doughnuts (560x290) (200x104)Japanese Chocolate Marble Bread (560x392) (200x140)mince beef puff pastry (560x374) (200x134)Japanese Cotton soft cheesecake (407x504) (162x200)japanese strawberry shortcake (416x422) (197x200)leopard print swiss roll (427x510) (167x200)Maria Buns (371x448) (166x200)mini brownies cuppies (560x374) (200x134)mini chocolate swirl bread (413x518) (159x200)mini custard buns (560x390) (200x139)mocha kuih lapis (477x560) (170x200)mocha swirl cookies (374x560) (134x200)mochi (467x557) (168x200)oreo chiffon cake (560x368) (200x131)oreo cookies (427x543) (157x200)Pain Crème (Whipping Cream bread) (420x560) (150x200)palm size black forest cake (354x560) (126x200)Parker house rolls (374x560) (134x200)peanut butter buttons (534x480) (200x180)Piggy buns (560x328) (200x117)pound cake (560x395) (200x141)seaweed pork floss roll (467x424) (200x182)shortbread (358x560) (128x200)strawberry cheesecake cupcake (374x560) (134x200)strawberry custard bread (560x420) (200x150)Summer Berry Charlotte (503x406) (200x161)super bread bowl (560x349) (200x125)Sushi mini swiss roll (383x560) (137x200)tangzhong coconut custard buns (401x560) (143x200)tau sar piah (560x417) (200x149)triple salted caramel cupcake (374x560) (134x200)vanilla bean macarons (472x376) (200x159)Waffle House waffle recipe (420x560) (150x200)anpan man (560x374) (200x134)tomato herb foccacia (388x560) (139x200)


  • I am really impressed by your bakes.

    • Thanks alot angel…. It\’s because of bloggers like you who share personal notes and experience that allot amateurish like us to self learn better! I check your blog everyday btw…. I\’d just been low profile but after what you shared on your recent blog, I needed to give you my thumbs up! Toes up too

  • Hi Victoria,
    I have browsed through your bakes, you are very good baker, and a very prolific one! Do you bake everyday? Keep it up, and dun just post pictures, remember to post recipes!

    • Hello Ms. B, you are very right! i started off as an extremely lazy blogger… i only wanted to post pics and used it just to blog my boring life… i recently publicise my blog and now am thinking on hindsight, i should have written those recipes! point absolutely taken! tks!

      • You can still post up the recipes, why not? I realise that if I don\’t put it down on paper or blog, I tend to forget what I exactly I did, and I can\’t replicate the recipe a second time especially without notes. I suppose if you bake everyday, you will have a gigantic backlog for posting! 🙂

        • hahaha, yeah.. takes one to know the other.. I\’m not an extremely loyal baker, so i tend to try out different recipes. i usually hv my iPad in the kitchen, bake then forget about it. that\’s why it\’s tough for me to post back dated recipes for bakes… there are however, my \”go-to\” recipe for Hong Kong toast, vanilla cupcake, zebra cake, chocolate pound cake, chocolate marble bread and gluten free coconut bread (i.e. made of coconut flour)

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