IMG_3842i mean seriously when these came out of the oven, I stared at it as hard as it stared back at me.. they have somewhat been mutated by me again! they were supposed to be pandas but what have i done to them again? was it because I gave you some black perils in the eyes? but if I didn’t, they’d look really weird….

These cookies are not difficult to assemble – just a few trips to the fridge for me to chill the different portions (i.e. ears, eyes, limbs, nose)… You can refer to this link for the process of making the pandas but I used my favourite sugar cookie recipe (excuse me but my half past six Japanese translation got me nowhere with this recipe)…

tray of pandasAs you can see, the recipe did not state the exact weight for each portion, so I had to estimate each portion based on the picture (apologies, I haven’t written the numbers down myself)
but basically the original dough should be divided out as such:
– 2 small log portions for eyes
– 1 thick log for the body
– divide remain original dough into 9 log portions (need not be equal portions)
chocolate dough:
– 2 log portions for the eyes
– 1 log portion for ear (which is later sliced into half after chilling)
– 4 log portions for hands and legs
– 1 flat sheet for the neck
– 1 small log roll for the nose

-眼睛 2小圆柱
-身体 1大圆柱
-剩余面团分割成 9份圆柱(大小无需一致)
-眼睛 2圆柱
-耳朵 1圆柱(冷藏后需切半使用)
-手脚 4圆柱
-颈部 1片面团
-鼻子 1小圆柱

However according to the the recipe, each cookie is supposed to be 5mm thick, and since you yield 25 cookies from their recipe, each dough portion (for assembly) will have to be rolled out to be at least a 12.5cm log. If I were to do this again, I will give the legs a little more weight … they seem to have disappeared though all limbs were same weightage (which I believe is 19g each). Also, I will lessen the cocoa portion that separates the head and body… Btw, I found picture 10 in the link especially useful when assembling the cookie…do note the cookie has to be assembled upside down!
根据食谱,每片曲奇厚度约 5毫米。如根据它们家食谱可做 25片曲奇。也就是说,每条分割出来的面团圆柱或面皮长度需自少 12.5厘米
如果在尝试做此食谱,脚的部位我会在给力(估计约 19克一圆柱)
制作前,注意参考图 10. 曲奇可是倒过来组合的哈

I prefer thick cookies, so I ended up with only 14 cookies, and baked around 20 mins at 180 degrees C
咱们家喜欢厚曲奇,我做了 14片,以 180摄氏度烤了 20分钟。。

Happy Baking 😀

Pollution index: 110 (unhealthy)

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