milk crisp buns 奶酥面包i still have quite a bit of the tangzhong leftover from yesterday’s beanie babies… and anyway since the hubby is in town, there must always be bread at home…

i have not made this for a long time as i used to find the filling too “milky and creamy” to my liking (yes i know it’s meant to be that way).. however, i love the use of dessicated coconut as decoration because it is so versatile… i’d made these little teddy bears before a while back, so i’d decided to do a “repeat telecast”…

Milk Crisp Buns (original recipe adapted from Yvonne C’s 65C 汤种面包)

210g bread flour
56g cake flour
20g milk powder
42g castor sugar
1/2tsp salt
6g instant dry yeast
30g egg
85g water
84g tangzhong
22g unsalted butter (softened)

40g unsalted butter and 30g shortening (softened)
30g icing sugar
1/8 tsp salt
30g egg
1tbsp corn starch
80g milk powder

A: 高筋粉210克,低筋粉56克,奶粉20克,细砂糖42克,盐1/2小匙,快速干酵母6克
C:无盐发酵奶油 22克


milk crisp buns 奶酥面包

– tangzhong preparation: add 500g of water to 100g of high protein flour and stir to blend well. place on stove to heat up, stirring constantly. once dough reaches 65 degress C, remove from heat. at this moment, the dough should leave some marks on the base of your saucepan as you stir it. place a piece of cling wrap directly over the dough and cool to room temperature before use

  • Mix all dough ingredients (except for butter) and knead till you get a soft dough. Incorporate butter and knead well till you achieve window pane stage
    制作面团 ~ 全部材料(处黄油)摆入容器中,搅拌成团,且具有筋性时,才可加入黄油。搅拌至拓展阶段状态(可拉开的薄膜,破铜边缘有锯齿状)

  • Proof for 40mins (under room condition of 28 degrees C, humidity 75%)

  • Meantime prepare filling by creaming both butter and shortening well
    制作奶酥内陷 ~ 两种油脂搅拌均匀

  • Add in sifted icing sugar and salt and mix well

  • Add egg in few additions (I did it in 3 additions) and mix well after each addition

  • Fold in corn starch with milk powder using a spatula

  • Divide filling into 9 equal portions (c. 30g each) using a 4cm ice cream scoop. Set aside
    用直径4厘米的冰淇淋勺,来作内陷的定量 (约30克一份)

  • Punch dough down and rest for 10mins

  • Divide dough out to 9 equal portions, each @60g

  • Roll each dough into a flat disc and add in filling

  • Seal seams well and lightly dampen top of dough with water. Coat with dessicated coconut

  • Proof dough for another 40mins (under room condition of 38 degrees C, humidity 85%)
    以室温38摄氏度,85%湿度,进行二次发酵 ~约40分钟

  • Bake in preheated oven at either 180 degrees C (upper rack) or 150 degrees C (lower rack) for 15 mins

milk crisp buns 奶酥面包

Personal notes
– each of my teddy bear is also 60g – 5g for each side of ear, 7g for the “small puffed up portion of face”, and remaining portion as the main face

  • eyes are made of mini chocolate chips, and noses are raisins (previously soaked in hot water for 5 mins so that they plump up)
    眼睛用了迷你巧克力豆,鼻子是葡萄干 (事先以热水泡了5分钟)

  • as the dough proof, the ears and face may puff up so make sure you punch a mini hole inwards before fixing nose and ears

  • the puffed up part of the face tend to get baked first, so you need to watch very very carefully. once it browns, cover it with small pieces of aluminium foil

  • for filling, i used 28g of horlicks (one small sachet) and 52g of milk powder (i like this malty taste)


Pollution index: 181 (unhealthy)


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