oppa gangnam bunsas i went to sleep last night, the gangnam style song with this PSY’s face kept surfacing in my mind… i woke up at 5am this morning still going “oppa gangnam style”… W@(&£@G&$^£&(£@&*(&

昨晚入眠时,满脑子想着PSY的脸孔。。。今早5点一起床,满口的 “oppa gangnam style”…… 什么和什么嘛!!!用了之前的奶酥餐包食谱

anyways… just like mums preparing bentos for kids, i like to surprise my hubby with different breakfast varieties every morning… he seem to love the milk crisp buns i made a few days back and i seriously think it was horlicks that did the trick.

oppa gangnam buns

So I’d decided to use the same recipe again, but this time, I added a little cocoa to the filling… instead of 80g milk powder, i used 28g horlicks, 10g cocoa powder, 42g sweet cream buttermilk powder (verdict? he LOVVEEESSSS it!) … after proofing the dough the second time, i painted PSY’s face to the bun (using egg yolk + 1tsp cocoa powder). How long did it take me to paint these? 1.5 hours for 10 buns!!! no kidding!!! my painting is really bad ~ plus i had to be very very careful not to burst or drag the dough too much.

唯一区别是馅料中的80克奶粉  ~ 用了28克好力克,10克可可粉,42克奶粉。二次发酵后,在一颗蛋黄中,加入并拌匀了一小匙的可可粉成为可可浆,画上了PSY的大头像!这东东呀!10个包,画了我一个半小时!越画越臭。。。绘画时,切记千万不能刺破已发酵好的餐包。。

I baked my buns in 2 batches and as you can see, i have light paintings (first batch) and darker paintings (second batch). Well, as i painted more, i realised using the dabbing method is more useful than the painting method.. so that’s a little tip you can use…

i particularly like this bun as i deliberately gave him a little beard…  (^_^)

oppa gangnam buns

oh well… no more PSY or gangnam style tonight i hope (and definitely NOT the Gentleman)…. i need some serious yoga now though ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

oppa gangnam buns

Pollution index: 171 (unhealthy)


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