black sesame bunIngredients

Bao (bun) recipe from here

black sesame filling
40g black sesame seed powder
40g sugar (feel free to adjust sweetness to liking)
20g lard


black sesame buns– prepare filling ~ if you do not have black sesame powder, fry your black sesame seeds in a pan till fragrant and cooked. Pour them into food processor and process till they are fine and powdery
– mix all filling ingredients together and leave it in the fridge for at least an hour
– prepare dough and leave to proof
– divide black sesame filling into equal portions
– after proofing divide dough into equal portions and wrap filling into bun. seal seams and leave to proof for 15 mins in steamer with 30-35 degrees water
– remove buns from steamer and heat up water. place buns back and steam for 9-10 mins (depends on the size of your bus). Remember to cover the lid of the steamer with a cloth and to leave your buns in the steamer for at least a minute after turning off fire

Personal notes:

black sesame buns– each of my bun is 20g, and filling is 15g
– after preparing dough, i pinched off a bit and added a bit of bamboo charcoal powder
– eyes and nose of seal are punched out using piping tips. whiskers are made by cutting out dough with the alphabet “I” cookie cutter. it is then further sliced into halves, lengthwise, and breadthwise i.e. each cutout “I” can make 4 whiskers. mouth is pinched and rolled from dough…
– my buns were steamed for 6 mins, with a 3 min “sauna” in the steamer after fire is turned off

have your kids help with this as mini hands can roll the mouth better (as you can see, mine are quite thick and fat because of me chubby fingers) … trust me (* >ω<)


Pollution index: 80 (good)


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