steamed cake doughnutspeople around me are not big fans of fried food so when i came across this recipe, i knew i had to try it… this is indeed tasty ~ possibly because it is yeasted and the “resting” time of the batter stated by the recipe


100g waffle mix
40g full cream milk
15g caster sugar
50g egg
30g water
15g coconut oil
3g instant dry yeast
10g dried orange peel

松饼粉 100克
全脂奶 40克
绵白糖 15克
全蛋 50克
水 30克
椰子油 15克
粟发酵母 3克
橙皮干 10克


steamed cake doughnuts– add egg, sugar, milk, water, oil and yeast into mixing bowl and mix well

– add in sifted waffle mix and mix till there are no more lumps. Add in orange peel

– cover bowl with cling wrap and allow batter to rest for 30 mins

– place doughnut pan into a large roasting pan filled with water (with a depth of at least 2cm) and pour batter into doughnut pan till about 80 percent full
准备一个长方形的深烤盘,加入约2公分的水量。放入甜甜圈模后,将以上面糊倒入模具中 (约8分满)

– cover pan with aluminium foil pricked with small holes and place pan on top of stove. Steam doughnuts over small fire for 20 mins

– remove doughnuts, and use a small knife to trim a circle off the middle. decorate as desired

Personal notes:

steamed cake doughnuts

– i used Krusteaz Belgian waffle mix and freshly grated orange rind from one orange
我用了 Krusteaz 比利时松饼粉,并以一颗鲜橙的橙皮替代橘皮干

– if you prefer to bake your doughnuts, bake them in preheated oven of 220 degrees C for 7-9 mins or till doughnut springs back

– i dipped my doughnuts into melted dark chocolate and piped designs using melted strawberry chocolate

steamed cake doughnuts~ was over the moon when i found this in City Super in Hong Kong IFC ~

steamed cake doughnutsi love these mini doughnuts… just one bite… and you will reach out for more

steamed cake doughnuts

Pollution index: 8 (excellent)


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