dark chocolate swiss rollyou know how i enjoy painting on everything right? and when i feel like baking a swiss roll but am too lazy to paint, i just decorate it with melted chocolate after slicing’em…. i love this recipe… it’s really chocolately and rich although it uses only cocoa powder

Ingredients (makes a 25 x 25 cm “O” shaped swiss roll)

dark chocolate swiss rollswiss roll
3 eggs
70g caster sugar
50g cake flour
10g unsweetened dark cocoa powder
30g milk
10g unsalted butter

60g whipping cream (A)
60g milk chocolate (chopped to pieces)
100g whipping cream (B)

食材 (可做一个25 x 25厘米”O” 形蛋糕卷)

绵白糖 70克
蛋糕粉 50克
无糖黑可可粉 10克
牛奶 30克
无言奶油 10克

淡奶油 60克 (A)
牛奶巧克力 60克(切碎)
淡奶油 100克 (B)


dark chocolate swiss roll– warm milk and butter together over a pot of simmering water

– beat eggs for a while and then add in caster sugar

– place egg/sugar mixture over a pot of hot water (c. 50 degrees C) and continue beating mixture till you see big bubbles and mixture is around 38 degrees C

– remove bowl from hot water and continue beating (on high speed) until mixture becomes pale and really thick. do a test – you should be able to draw a number 8 on the mixture without it disappearing. if you have achieved this, beat mixture on low speed to reduce the big air bubbles

– sift in flour /cocoa powder and fold using egg beater

– add in warm milk/butter with the help of spatula and mix gently

– pour batter into lined pan and bake for 12-13 mins in preheated oven of 190 degrees C

– allow cake to cool

– prepare filling by melting whipping cream (A). once it boils, turn off fire, and add in chocolate. melt chocolate by stirring from the centre of the pot
准备内陷 ~ 将(A)淡奶油加热至煮滚。熄火,加入牛奶巧克力,从奶锅中央开始搅拌至巧克力完全融化

– allow melted chocolate to cool

– whip whipping cream (B) till you achieve soft peaks. add in cooled melted chocolate, and continue beating till stiff, shiny peaks form

– spread cream on cake and roll cake with the help of parchment paper. do remember that the top side of the cake should be on the external side of the roll cake

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

dark chocolate swiss roll

– it took me nearly 15 minutes to whisk the eggs mixture to 38 degrees C. after this, i used the KA mixer to continue beating the mixture for around 7 mins before i could draw the “8”

– i added the warm milk/butter mixture in a few additions making sure each addition was well incorporated before adding the next

– i used 85% valrhona dark chocolate for the filling and i found the sweetness to be “just nice”
内陷我用了valrhona 85% 的黑巧克力币,觉得内陷甜度正合适

– i baked the cake for 13 mins

– draw expressions on a cellophane paper using melted white chocolate and dark chocolate and chill. place them on swiss roll just before serving. bow tie and buttons are piped using chocolate pens

give this simple roll cake a go… am sure you will wow your guests when you pop over for tea (-^〇^-)

dark chocolate swiss roll


Pollution index: 55 (moderate)


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