souffle cheesecakea taiwanese friend has recently requested for me to bake a soufflé cheesecake for her and had also included in her request for a hello kitty image…. it’s weird indeed that i adore hello kitty so much, but have by far, only painted her once on my swiss roll… anyway, here’s your cake friend \(^0^)/

Recipe adapted and translated from 子瑜妈妈

Ingredients (makes a 7″ round pan cake)

300g cream cheese, softened
45g melted butter
57g egg yolk
20g + 55g granulated sugar
11g cornstarch
150g warm milk
95g egg white


souffle cheesecake– warm cream cheese till it is very soft, and add it to melted butter. beat mixture till it is soft and smooth
– add 20g sugar to egg yolk, and beat till sugar has dissolved. add in sifted corn starch and mix well
– pour in warm milk and mix briskly
– place egg yolk mixture bowl into a pot of simmering water and stir till it is thick. remove from heat
– pour egg yolk mixture into cream cheese/butter mixture and mix quickly. cover bowl with a damp cloth and proceed to prepare egg white meringue
– add sugar to egg white in 3 additions, and beat till you get soft and shiny peaks
– add egg white meringue to egg yolk mixture in 2 additions, folding well after each addition
– lightly grease a 7″ round pan and pour mixture into the pan. tap pan on the table a few times to remove air bubbles
– bake cake in water bath on lower rack of preheated oven of 180 degrees for 15 mins, and then 160 degrees C for 25 mins
– after cake is baked, let it continue sitting in the oven for 40-60 mins
– cling wrap cooled cake and chill for at least 6 hours before serving

Tips from 子瑜妈妈

– recommends using KIRI brand cream cheese
– butter should be melted, not softened
– ensure you get the accurate weight of both yolks and white before using
– use egg whites that have just been mildly frozen i.e. the circumference should have some icy bits
– if you do not have a 7 inch pan, use a 6 inch pan, and pour batter till it is 80% full. bake the rest of the batter in cupcake liners
– do not attempt to alter the weightage of corn starch; this applies to the rest of the ingredients
– you can choose to use a normal round pan or spring foam pan to bake. if you are using the latter, ensure you wrap the bottom with aluminium foil
– cake is very fragile after baking so avoid removing from the oven immediately. allow the residual heat from the oven to support the cake to sink uniformly
– as the cake is very fragile, you need to chill at least half a day before slicing it

Personal notes:

souffle cheesecake– i melted both softened butter and cream cheese together over a pot of simmering water
– i used my electric hand whisk to beat the sugar and eggs till pale and frothy. The blogger in different parts of the blog mentioned granulated sugar, and caster sugar. i used granulated sugar for the recipe and the sweetness and texture turned out well (you must ensure sugar is totally dissolved though)
– i sifted my egg yolk mixture twice before folding in the egg white meringue
– i beat my egg white meringue till it is silky, shiny and STILL SLIGHTLY RUNNY (i learnt this tip from a japanese chef)
– i made one 6 inch cake, and 4 “hokkaido-square-cupcake-liners” cupcakes
– hello kitty is painted with cake batter that has been mixed with dark cocoa powder and a bit of water
– i baked my cake (with ice water bath) for 230 degrees for first 10 mins, and then continued to bake for 1 hour on 150 degrees

souffle cheesecake…. the first slice for me friend (^~^)…

Pollution index: 21 (excellent)


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