chocolate bunsi was wondering how else i can shape my bread in spirit of the holiday season… i turned around, and saw the acorns on my christmas tree…. i kinda find my buns pretty cute, though my dad thought they look like lychees (´`;) ?

Ingredients (makes 10 buns)

chocolate buns250g bread flour
35g granulated sugar
3g salt
3g instant dry yeast
5g cocoa powder
170g milk
25g shortening

55g creme de marron
25g nutella
45g pecan, coarsely chopped
150g sweet chestnut, , coarsely chopped


chocolate buns– prepare dough by mixing all ingredients (except butter) together. knead till you get a pliable dough and incorporate butter
– knead till you achieve window pane stage and allow dough to proof till double in size
– meantime, prepare filling by mixing everything together. chill till ready to use
– after dough has doubled in size, punch dough down and divide into 10 equal portions. it worked out to be about 48g per portion for me. allow dough to rest for 10 mins
– divide filling into 10 portions as well
– roll each dough into a flat disc, wrap a portion of filling into the dough and seal seam. shape into teardrop shape
– place bun into a cupcake liner and then cupcake tin with the pointed part of the bun facing upwards
– use a small scissors and start snipping the bun
– allow buns to proof for another 40 mins
– bake for 18 mins in preheated oven of 180 degrees C

Personal notes:

chocolate buns– i made my dough and stuck the entire thing in the fridge a night prior to the actual shaping and baking day
– i used trehalose instead of sugar
– feel free to use 80g creme de marrons (instead of a mix with nutella)
– you can also use walnuts instead of pecans
– i used organic store bought sweet chestnuts (those that comes in a packet where you can open and eat straight away)
– reheat buns in microwave on medium heat for 50 seconds and it is still as soft as it was when it was just baked

chocolate bunslychees or fat acorn? (・・。)ゞ

chocolate buns… and pack away … ( ⋂‿⋂’)

I am submitting this to the “Baby Sumo’s Christmas Recipes Collection 2013” event which is hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat Your Heart Out.

Pollution index: cloudy Tokyo


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