orange souffle swiss rollmy husband is not a big fan of creamy cakes and is always seen swiping the cream aside (if ever eating one)… so this year, i’d decided to make a friendlier log cake to suit his liking (*^。^*)


Swiss roll
40g unsalted butter
10g orange juice (A)
60g cake flour
1 egg
3 egg yolk
40g orange juice warmed to 60 degrees C (B)
50g orange peel
3 egg white
60g caster sugar

40g whipping cream (A)
60g semi sweet chocolate
100g whipping cream (B)

Cocoa batter for log skin
25g unsalted butter, softened
20g icing sugar
25g egg white
20g cake flour
5g cocoa


orange souffle swiss roll– line a 28 x 28cm square pan with baking paper
– mix all cocoa batter ingredients together, and spread it out well on the baking pan. use a fork and boldly draw lines on the cocoa batter. please ensure the space between the lines are big enough as the batter does spread a little after baking. if they are too small, the batter will start to “join together” after baking
– place pan into freezer and allow cocoa batter to freeze
– prepare cake batter ~ boil butter and orange juice (A) in saucepan and turn off fire once the entire mixture boils
– pour in all sifted flour at a go and mix well using a wooden spoon till mixture is no longer lumpy
– when the above mixture comes together in one lump, place saucepan back to stove on low heat and warm mixture up for 30 seconds
– continuing stirring till mixture becomes glossy and the bottom of your saucepan forms a thin skin. turn off heat
– beat egg and 3 egg yolks together
– add egg mixture into butter/flour dough in 3 additions; incorporating well before next addition
– continue to mix until mixture becomes ribbon stage. the key here is to ensure all egg mixture is incorporated into butter/flour dough when the latter is still warm. then, add in the 60 degrees C orange juice (B)
– beat egg white, adding caster sugar in three additions until stiff and shiny peaks form
– pour egg yolk mixture all at once into egg white meringue and fold well using ballon whisk. then change to spatula to ensure the bottom of the batter has been well mixed
– pour batter onto cake pan with frozen cocoa batter and tap pan on bench to remove air bubbles
– bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 15 – 16 mins
– cool cake on wire rack
– prepare filling ~ bring whipping cream (A) to a rolling boil, then add chopped chocolate into it. start stirring from the middle of the pot, working your way outwards ensuring there are no chocolate bits left in the whipping cream. allow to cool to room temperature
– whip whipping cream (B) till soft peaks. add in the above mixture and continue to whisk till stiff peaks form
– spread on cooled cake and roll cake. chill for a few hours before serving

Personal notes:

orange souffle swiss roll– i used a 25 x 25cm baking pan, so i did not use the entire cocoa batter. i will reduce the cocoa batter in the future as the log skin turned out too thick
– i used orange zest of one orange instead of using orange peel and baked my cake for 19 mins
– i added 1/2 tsp of Cointreau into the whipping cream

orange souffle swiss rollthis is such a lovely cake… chocolate and orange…  好吃

Pollution index: lovely sunny Tokyo


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