IMG_6083… and so i was left with one egg white (again)… and so i flipped through my “one egg white” recipes folder…. and so… the fortune cookies seemed the most appropriate for the chinese new year ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱

Recipe (combination of various sources)

Ingredients (makes twelve 3-inch fortune cookies)

IMG_60821 egg white
1/4 cup cake flour (all purpose flour is fine)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp almond extract
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp melted butter


IMG_6086– mix all ingredients together in blender until mixture is smooth. then place mixture in the fridge for one hour
– meantime, prepare “words of fortune” on strips of paper, and ensure you have a mug and muffin pan nearby
– preheat oven to 200 degrees C
– remove mixture from fridge and lightly grease the back of a baking sheet (or a baking sheet with parchment paper ~ i prefer this method)

NA201401111835110048-02-091000000drop a teaspoon of mixture on the baking sheet

NA201401111835450000-02-091000000spread the mixture using the back of the spoon till it is about 3 inches in diameter

NA201401111836180042-02-091000000bake cookie till the edges brown slightly (about 4-5mins)

NA201401111834320031-02-091000000wait for 5-10 seconds before removing cookie from pan and flip cookie the other way up and place a strip of fortune paper in it

NA201401111837370063-02-091000000fold cookie into half

NA201401111834510016-02-091000000then press both the sides down on the rim of a mug and allow to set for a while

NA201401111833580086-02-081000000remove from mug and place in a muffin or cupcake liner so cookie can firm up

Personal notes:

IMG_6079– i preferred to make mini cookies and used half teaspoon mixture for each cookie
– each cookie was baked for 2 mins
– do note that the cookie hardens up easily so it is crucial you work very quickly to fold and shape them. i started off making one cookie at a time and then moved on to bake 2 cookies at a go when i got the hang of it ٩(๑ơలơ)۶♡

IMG_6077 IMG_6080no machine made pretty puffed up cookies, but homemade fortune cookies are equally fun (•‿•)

I am submitting this post to Bake Along #57 ~ Chinese New Year Cookies hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours

bake along

Pollution index: 486 (hazardous…. gosh)


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