IMG_5836is it me or do you find yourself like me, attempting to clean and pack the house everyday but always finding ourselves having more and more things to pack the next day? (•ิ_•ิ)?

and so i was trying to browse through and throw out all the recipes i’d printed in the past (now that we have the xPad ya?) and came across this recipe… how timely… i have 20 eggs in the house that i must utilise very quickly as i was travelling soon…. the beauty of this kuey lapis recipe is that (1) it uses only 10 WHOLE eggs; (2) it does not use the egg separation method, and (3) the sweetness was just nice… not overly sweet like the traditional kueys … i think Wendy did a great job here tweaking the recipe (in order to utilise one full can of condensed milk)

Recipe adapted from Table for 2

Ingredients (makes a 9 x 9″ square cake)

IMG_5829450g butter
140g sugar
10 medium eggs, grade C
510g canned condensed milk
240g superfine/cake flour
200g horlicks powder

食材 (可做一个 9 x 9寸方形蛋糕)

黄油 450克
糖 140克
C 级鸡蛋,10颗
罐装炼奶 510克
蛋糕粉 240克
好力克200 克


IMG_5839– preheat oven on grill setting (my oven has either 230C or 250C setting, so i used 230C)
烤箱转成烧烤模式(我家烤箱只有 230或250摄氏度选择,我选用了230摄氏度)

– use a 9 x 9 inch square pan. line bottom and grease sides. heat up pan for 1-2 mins
9 x 9四方烤盘涂抹黄油、底部铺上烘焙纸。放入烤箱加热1-2分钟

– beat sugar and butter until light and fluffy

– add in eggs, one by one. beating well after each addition

– mix in condensed milk

– sift flour and horlicks together

– fold flour and horlicks into batter

– spread a ladle of batter evenly onto hot pan

– tilt pan left and right to level batter. grill for 7 mins or until golden
烤盘左右摇摆以确保面糊均匀覆盖烤盘。送入烤箱烤约 7分钟或至金黄色为止

– remove from oven and press cake layer to remove excess air. spread another ladle of batter over the cooked layer, and repeat the above

– repeat above steps until all batter is used up

Wendy’s notes/原作者笔记
IMG_5831* pan needs to be heated up for even distribution of batter. you can either heat up in the preheating oven or over a pot of hot water

** switch off oven fan when you do this cake, if not, the bottom will burn at the end of the baking, if the fan cannot be turned off, like my oven, even on grill mode, bake this cake in a shallow water bath to prevent the base from over browning

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_5838– i baked my cake in a 8 x 8″ square pan, putting 73g batter for each layer. i baked 20 something layers (kinda lost count @_@)… all in all 4 hours
我用了 8 x 8寸方形膜,每层用了 73克面糊、烤了20多层、烤了4个多小时

– i did not have horlicks and used ovaltine malt (white) powder instead

– i preheated the oven with top and bottom heat, and heated my pan in it for 2 mins. i then turned to grill mode just before baking the first layer

– each layer was baked btw 5.5 – 6 mins at 240 degrees C. i baked the bottom layers for a longer time, and then slowly cutting back on baking time to create an accentuating colour difference. after baking each layer, i pricked them lightly with toothpick, flatten the layer, and brushed a light coat of melted butter before proceeding baking with the next layer
每层以 240摄氏度烤了 5.5-6分钟。底部烘焙时间较长以让其上色。之后在将中上层的烘焙时间剪短,烤出不同层次感。每层烤完后,我用了竹签轻轻在蛋糕层刺上小孔,再将蛋糕压下、刷上薄薄一层液体黄油再勺入面糊

– my cake was cut into individual slices, and each is further cut into halves (i.e. 2 triangles). they are then pieced together with nutella to make one slice of cake (you will need 4 triangles). after each of these “ketupat” cake has been pieced together, trim the sides and then wrap all in a row very tightly with cling wrap. leave overnight for them to get in shape
蛋糕切片后,将它破半;既是切成两片三角形。使用nutella (巧克力榛子酱)将4片三角形粘在一起,形成一片蛋糕。修边、并将所有合并后的蛋糕排成一排。用保鲜膜将其紧紧裹起,隔夜成形即可

IMG_5837tea? coffee? or horlicks (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

Pollution index: foggy Milan


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