IMG_6204this is a mouthful bake…. just the name alone.. phoa… but this bread by itself is a PHOA! ┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛ so soft.. just like cloud… i didn’t tear the bun properly for a cross-section picture, but trust me on this… it feels just like cloud…


ok.. i’m gonna peer-pressure you into baking this…. ʕ̡̢̡ʘ̅͟͜͡ʘ̲̅ʔ̢̡̢ *bake it bake it bake it*

Recipe adapted from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes eight 40-45g buns)

270g bread flour
30g cake flour
4g instant dry yeast
4g salt
40g granulated sugar
20g skim milk powder
110g water
100g milk
20g salad oil
20g unsalted butter, softened

80g cake flour
20g coconut cream powder
40g margarine
50-60g sugar
1 large egg
few drops of vanilla extract

食材(可做 8个 40-45克餐包)

面包粉 270克
蛋糕粉 30克
即溶干酵母 4克
盐 4克
砂糖 40克
脱脂奶粉 20克
水 110克
牛奶 100克
沙拉油 20克
无盐黄油 20克,软化

蛋糕粉 80克
椰子粉 20克
玛琪林 40克
糖 50-60克
鸡蛋 1大颗
香草精 数滴


IMG_6207– prepare dough by mixing all ingredients together except butter. knead till you get a non-sticky dough

– incorporate butter and knead till you get a silky and pliable dough

– allow to proof till 2-2.5x bigger than the original dough

– while proofing, prepare topping. beat softened margarine with sugar till light and fluffy

– add in egg with few drops of vanilla extract in 3 additions into butter/sugar mixture. mix well
蛋液和数滴香草精分 3次加入黄油糊。拌匀

– sift in flour and coconut cream powder and incorporate everything well. scoop batter into a piping bag with a 1 cm round tip. set aside, or chill if mixture gets too runny
筛入面粉和椰子粉,搅拌均匀。面糊勺入装着 1厘米圆形裱花嘴的裱花袋。待用。如面糊开始变稀,可冷藏几分钟

– after first proofing of dough, divide dough into 7-8 portions of 40-45g buns. allow dough to rest for 10-20 mins
面团发酵后,将面团分隔成 7-8等份,各 40-45克。面团静置 10-20分钟

– punch dough down and roll tightly into a ball and proof for second time for 30-40mins
面团排气、搓成小圆球。二次发酵 30-40分钟

– preheat oven to 180 degrees and pipe 3 rings of batter onto buns
烤箱预热至 180摄氏度,然后在面团顶部裱上 3圈的酥皮面糊

– bake for 17 mins or till buns are golden brown
送入烤箱烤 17分钟,或面包变金黄色即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6202*the original looking bun*

– i make six 30g buns, and a 450g loaf
我做了 6个 30克餐包和一个 450克吐司包

– i had to add 1 more tablespoon of bread flour during the initial knead (i.e. before butter was added) because it was way too sticky to come together (after 10 mins of kneading)
因面团非常沾手,在一次和面时(既是加入黄油前,而和面了 10分钟后)我多加入了一大匙面包粉

– i used butter for the entire recipe and trehalose instead of sugar for the dough. 50g of caster sugar was used for the topping and i found the sweetness just nice with the buns. please note that buns made with trehalose will not be sweet so the combination with a 50g sugar topping works nice in this recipe. if you are using sugar for both dough and topping, i suggest you cut back on the sugar for the buns (noting that japanese loves sweet buns)
食谱中的沙拉油我用了黄油替代。糖也用了海藻糖。酥皮面皮糖份用了 50克,觉得甜度恰好。注:用海藻糖做的面包是没有甜性的,所以酥皮面皮用 50克糖刚好。如果您面团和酥皮面皮都使用普通砂糖,我建议您将面团的糖份适当减量(日本人挺喜欢甜面包滴)

– i piped 4 rings of batter onto the buns so they cover the buns totally
我裱了 4圈酥皮面皮以让其将整个餐包覆盖

– to  make paddington bears hat, pipe the batter towards one side of the bun so it flows down on one end (instead of evenly around the bun). after baking, pipe expressions with melted chocolate

– my buns were baked for 17 mins and removed when the internal temperature reached 96 degrees C
我的面包烤了 17分钟,面包內温 96摄氏度

IMG_6209amuse the kids? ʕ·͡ˑ·ཻʔෆ⃛ʕ•̫͡•ོʔ

Pollution index: 238 (heavily polluted)


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