IMG_6250… and we are at the last day of the chinese new year… time really flies doesn’t it? and oh yes oh yes.. it is valentine’s day.. so here’s the very last festive greetings to you… still wishing you 年年有余。。。and 愿祝有情人终成眷属哈。。 (。♥‿♥。)


IMG_6252Water dough
500g flour
80g lard
260g water

Oil dough
500g flour
300g lard

150g filling (as desired)

Egg wash


IMG_6249– prepare both water and oil dough by mixing ingredients in bowl and kneading till everything comes together. set both dough aside and allow to rest for 15 mins
– roll both dough out into a rectangle ~ the water dough should be twice bigger than the size of oil dough

picshow20140213_110155place oil dough on one side of the water dough
picshow20140213_110222fold water dough and seal seams tightly
picshow20140213_110414roll dough out into a long rectangle
picshow20140213_110441fold dough into thirds
picshow20140213_110619roll dough out once again into a long rectangle
picshow20140213_110815then divide it out into 6 equal portions
picshow20140213_110914pile the 6 portions of dough one on top of the other, and freeze for an hour
picshow20140213_121206remove dough from freezer and make diagonal slices
picshow20140213_121250trim the sides of each slice…
picshow20140213_121352… then roll it out
picshow20140213_121502roll filling into a teardrop shape and place on one end of dough (please note i placed my filling incorrectly here… the filling should be parallel to the lines of the dough, not perpendicular)
picshow20140213_122007wrap dough, sealing the face portion tightly with egg wash and shape into a goldfish by squeezing the three-quarter part of the body so that the tail is formed

– heat oil up till it is mildly warm (i.e. 30 percent heated). place goldfish into the pot and allow it to fry till goldfish rises to the top of the pot. remove from pot, and complete this process for the rest of the goldfish
– once the above is completed, turn up the heat so that the oil starts to bubble till it is hot, not boiling (i.e. 60 percent heated). place goldfish to fry till it is cooked (need to use your own judgement for this)
– allow all goldfish to cool, then pipe expressions with melted chocolate

Personal notes:

IMG_6251– i quartered the above recipe and used cake flour and five grain filling for the recipe
– as the book did not mention how big the dough should be rolled, i rolled the oil dough to a 0.4cm thickness
– take note that upon the second stage of frying, the goldfish gets cooked very easily, so you need to watch the pot closely
– for eyes, i first melted white chocolate and piped small circles. these are then frozen. once frozen, i dotted them with dark chocolate. eyes are then fixed onto goldfish using melted chocolate
– goldfish mouth is painted with melted strawberry chocolate

IMG_6253my goldfish does not need water >^)))< ~~

picshow20140214_112055… and these came as i was blogging this…. ^^

Pollution index: 227 (heavily polluted)


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