IMG_6093i’m a little backwards with baking chiffon cakes… just as the world had probably baked a few variations of such cooked dough chiffon cake, this is sadly my second …. (#^.^#)… please be patient with me… ^^

i love all these cooked dough chiffon cakes… they really give the chiffon cake a Q-ey texture ٩(^ᴗ^)۶…

Ingredients (makes a 20cm chiffon cake)

IMG_60915 egg yolk
70g coconut milk
50g unsalted butter
40g concentrated pandan juice
1/8 tsp salt
90g cake flour (sifted 3x)

5 egg white
1/2 tsp lemon juice
80g caster sugar


IMG_6100– heat coconut milk, butter and pandan juice over a saucepan till butter has completely melted
– sift in flour all at a go while the above mixture is still hot. set aside to allow it to cool a bit
– mix salt into egg yolk, and pour the above flour mixture into egg yolk very slowly and carefully. incorporate well
– beat egg white till frothy, and add in lemon juice
– continue to beat egg white to shiny stiff peaks whilst adding in sugar in 3 additions
– fold egg white into egg yolk mixture in 3 additions and pour batter (from a considerable height) into pan
– lightly tap pan against the bench and bake cake in preheated oven of 165 degrees C for 50 mins
– revert immediately to cool before unmoulding

Personal notes:

IMG_6089– i had to use 6 eggs as my eggs were fairly small
– i used homemade pandan paste
– my cake was baked for 40 mins in 170 degrees C, and 10 mins in 165 degrees C

– update: I have to thank Irene, one of the members in an FB group for pointing out to me that her cake wasn’t chewy. However, her cake looked absolutely soft and fine… On researching and reflecting, I realized that it was crucial to cook the dough till (only) 60-65degrees C. I hv somewhat overcooked my dough such that it had become a cream puff batter texture, meaning it is very thick. It became difficult to mix in the yolks and a very thick batter prior to baking. However, the end result was a chewy cake 🙂

IMG_6092 IMG_6098bend it like beckxam ⁝(๑⑈௰⑈)◞⁝˚º꒰꒱

Pollution index: 108 (lightly polluted)


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