IMG_6281recently, an ex-colleague of mine (also singaporean) ~ who’s now residing in shanghai ~ hand made and couriered soon kuey (笋粿)to me in beijing… (^▽^)/  after eating it (literally after eating it and within minutes), i had a bad craving for png kuey… in beijing, if you want to eat something so close to the heart, you need to make it yourself… (❁´‿`❁)✲゚*

Recipe adapted from 厨房角落


IMG_6275Dough skin
500g rice flour
180g tapioca starch
1 tsp salt
900ml boiling water
6 tbsp shallot oil

(A) 500g glutinous rice ~ soaked overnight, and dried
(B) 100ml water, 5 tbsp shallot oil, salt, chicken bouillon powder, sugar, sesame oil, pepper (season according to personal preference)
(C) one bowl of peeled mung beans, soaked
(D) half bowl dried shrimp (soaked), 8 pieces of chinese mushrooms (soaked and thinly sliced), 300g 3-layer meat (三层肉) diced and marinated with soya sauce and salt
(E) a stalk of celery, washed and diced


粘米粉 500克
薯粉 180克
盐 1小匙
滚水 900毫升
炸葱油 6大匙

(A)500克糯米,浸隔夜, 沥干备用。
(B)100 毫升水,5大匙炸葱油,盐,鸡精粉,糖,麻油,胡椒粉(适量,依个人喜好)


IMG_62771) add (A) into (B) and place into steamer. steam on high heat for 40 mins. spread rice slightly once it has cooled

2) steam (C) and set aside to cool after steaming

3) fry (D) and set aside

4) add(2) and (3) into cooked glutinous rice and mix well. Add in celery and mix again. cover with cling wrap and set aside till ready to use

5) prepare dough skin by mixing flour and salt together. after water boils, add in a few drops of red food colouring and pour all water into flour. mix quickly. cover dough with a damp cloth for 5 mins, and add in oil after that. knead into a soft dough
将皮料里的粉和盐搅拌均匀。 水煮沸后加入少许红色素拌匀,倒入粉料里,快速搅拌均匀。 盖上湿布约5分钟,加入油,揉成一软团
IMG_6280 6) divide dough into 45-48g portions, shape into ball and roll them into a round dish

7) wrap filling into dough skin and seal seams. place dumpling into mould and turn out dumpling

8) grease steamer plate, and steam dumplings for 9 mins on high heat. brush shallot oil onto steamed dumplings once removed from steamer
放入抹上油的蒸盘内,大火蒸 9分钟,取出扫上炸葱油即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6282– i halved the recipe and used chicken breast instead of pork and dried scallops instead of dried shrimps (couldn’t find) for the recipe

  • i added 3 small drops of red food colouring to the water and got this baby pink colour… it can use a little more pink as i rolled my skin a little thin and the colour of mung bean and celery seem to come through the skin

  • i found the dough a little sticky to handle, but don’t find a problem once i flour my hands adequately when shaping each dumpling ~ otherwise the skin tend to tear easily

  • my dumplings were steamed for 10 mins

IMG_6280… and i finally satisfy my craving … this is really nice ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Pollution index: 27 (excellent)


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