IMG_6324and finally the rain and wind came… and the weather is beautiful in beijing again…. and…. i’m working hard to deplete all the CNY goodies…. *pant pant* (͒⚈ै⚇༵⚈ै)͒… and this time, i incorporated bak kwa bits into this egg-less & milk-less japanese bread

Dough recipe adapted from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes 8 buns)

IMG_6319200g bread flour
70g cake flour
3g instant dry yeast
13g granulated sugar
5g salt
100g water
100g soy milk
10g shortening


面包粉 200克
蛋糕粉 70克
即溶干酵母 3克
砂糖 13克
盐 5克
豆奶 100克
白油 10克


IMG_6316– place all ingredients into bread maker according to machine’s instructions and remove dough from machine after first proofing

– punch dough down and divide into 8 portions. rest dough for 15 mins
面团排气、分割成 8等份。静置 15分钟

– shape dough according to preference and proceed with second proofing which is c. 25-30mins
面团随心意整形后,二次发酵约 25-30分钟

– preheat oven to 160 degrees C
烤箱预热至 160摄氏度

– sift bread flour onto buns and bake buns for 15-16mins in 150 degrees C oven
餐包撒上过筛面粉,温度降至 150摄氏度烤 15-16分钟即可

Personal note/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6318– i halved the recipe and made 4 piglets, and 1 small bun. i chopped 27g of bak kwa into small bits for filling purposes
我做了半份食谱,做了四只小猪和一个小餐包。我将 27克肉干剁碎做为内陷

– to shape piglet, divide dough into 4 equal portions of 20g dough, and 4 equal portions of 30g dough after first proofing
如想做小猪猪,一次发酵后将面团分割成 4份 20克面团,和4份30克面团

picshow20140224_144250first, take a 30g dough, and roll it into a disc
将一份 30克面团擀成圆面皮

picshow20140224_143918place some chopped bak kwa in the middle of the disc

picshow20140224_144008seal seams and roll dough gently, but tightly into a ball. this forms the body

picshow20140224_144113next, take the 20g dough and roll it tightly into a ball

picshow20140224_144152flatten it slightly into an oval shape ~ this will be piggy’s head

picshow20140224_144853then attach the head to the body

roll some of the remaining dough into a flat sheet

picshow20140224_144936then using a small round piping tip…

picshow20140224_145131punch out button-like shapes (use base of piping tip to cut the big circle, and smaller tip for nostrils) from the dough. this forms the nose

picshow20140224_145252stretch the nose slightly and attach it to the face

picshow20140224_145456cut out bits of semi-circle dough using fondant cutter….

picshow20140224_145651… and attach it to the head to form the ears

picshow20140224_150035finally, roll remaining dough into teardrop shape and attach the smaller end to the bodies to form the piglet’s limbs. snip the wider end into half

IMG_6322.. and finally pipe eyes and belly button with melted chocolate onto pigs after sifting flour on them (i.e. before baking)
so which piglet do you prefer?  i love the sleeping one (*´(00)`)’

Pollution index: 17 (excellent)


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