IMG_6306i couldn’t stop thinking about soon kuey ever since my ex-colleague couriered to me from shanghai…. and this inspired me to start reading up on teochew snacks (潮州小吃)… and since i had some fried shallot and shallot oil left over from my teochew png kuey, i decided to just make some myself ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Recipe adapted from Fong’s Kitchen Journal

Ingredients (makes about 30 soon kueh)

IMG_6300Dough skin
200g wheat starch
100g tapioca flour
100g soon kueh flour (consists rice flour, tapioca flour, wheat starch, corn flour)*
600ml water
3 to 4 tbsp oil (I used shallots oil)
1 tsp salt
1.5 tsp sugar

* or replace with 60g rice flour, 20g tapioca flour, 20g wheat starch (rough estimate)

IMG_6299Soon Kueh Filling
750g mang kwang (about one medium-sized turnip or 沙葛), thinly shredded
1 to 2 carrots, thinly shredded – about 180g
5 to 6 Chinese mushrooms, soaked & sliced, keep the liquid
2 to 3 tbsp dried shrimps, soaked & finely chopped, keep the liquid
600ml water (including the liquid for soaking mushrooms and dried shrimps)
Few cloves garlic, minced
Few pieces ginger, thinly sliced
5 to 6 shallots, sliced (deep fried and use the shallot oil for making and brushing the dough skin )
Seasoning:  oyster sauce/soy sauce/salt & pepper to taste, a little sesame oil 

食材(可做 30个)

澄面 200克
木薯粉/茨粉 100克
笋粿粉 100克(包含 粘米粉、木薯粉、澄面、粟粉)*
水 600毫升
油 3-4大匙(我用了小葱头油)
盐 1小匙
糖 1.5小匙

*如无笋粿粉,可用粘米粉 60克、木薯粉 20克、澄面 20克混合替代)

沙葛 750克,切薄丝
胡萝卜 1-2条,约 180克,切薄丝
香菇 5-6颗,浸泡后切条。浸泡的水保留
虾米干 2-3大匙,浸泡后切细。浸泡的水保留
水 600毫升(此水量包括以上浸泡香菇和虾米的水份)
小葱头 5-6颗,切丝(油炸后,将油保留~用于制做并刷粿皮用)


IMG_6304– Prepare filling ~ Heat a few tablespoons of shallot oil and stir fry the ginger and mushrooms till fragrant.  Push to one side of the wok, add in the dried shrimps and minced garlic, fry till fragrant

– Add in the shredded mang kwang and carrots.  Stir briefly and mix in mushrooms and garlic, add water and cover to simmer over medium-low heat for about 45 minutes to an hour till turnip becomes soft.  Give a few quick stirs in-between simmering to ensure even cooking.  In the last 15 minutes, add in the seasoning and half the fried shallots. (Note: Turnip will release water as it cooks, so do not add all the water at the beginning.  Keep a little and pour in later if the mixture is too dry.)
加入切丝沙葛和胡萝卜。略翻炒后,拌入之前爆香的蒜末和香菇、加入水,加盖、以中小火焖 45分钟至 1个小时,直至沙葛煮软。焖煮过程,时不时翻炒。最后 15分钟,加入调味料和半份爆香的小葱头(注:因沙葛在焖煮过程会释放水份,所以水不可在开煮的时候加入。水份等到馅料快熟透后,在适量加入)

– Cool the filling before wrapping

– Prepare dough skin ~ Mix the flours together in a mixing bowl.  Bring 600ml water to a boil.  Add in salt and sugar.  Pour the hot boiling water into the flour mixture and quickly stir with a pair of chopsticks or rice scoop.  Cover and let it rest for 10 minutes
准备面皮~粉类食材混合于容器中。将 600毫升水煮至沸腾,加入盐和糖。将开水冲入面粉,快速以筷子搅拌。加盖、静置 10分钟

– Knead in 3 to 4 tablespoons of shallot oil into the dough till smooth (kneading takes a few minutes only).  Divide the dough into two portions (cover with damp cloth when not working on the dough).  Roll each portion into a long tube and cut into small disc (each weighs about 35g)
面团加入 3-4大匙小葱头油,搓匀(只需几分钟)。面团分割成 2等份,其一先盖上热布。另一份搓揉成长条状,切成等份(约 35克一份)

– Flatten each disc and roll out thinly.  Use a round cutter or a rice bowl (my bowl measures 11cm in diameter) to trim the dough skin into a round shape (note: combine the excess dough skin and roll it out again).  Dust a little tapioca flour on the dough for easy handling
每份面团压扁、擀平。用米饭碗将面皮才切成圆面皮(我的米饭碗直径为 11厘米)。切除的面皮可在搓揉、擀开。面团可适量撒上木薯粉以便搓揉

– Place one heaped tablespoon of filling on the dough skin, fold it over to form a semi-circle and pinch the edges firmly to seal the filling

– Place the soon kueh on well-greased steaming rack, brush the soon kueh with a little shallot oil and steam on moderately-high heat for 10 to 12 minutes till dough skin turns translucent (I placed a piece of clean banana leaf on the steamed rack and brush a little oil on the banana leaf)
整形后的笋粿码到刷上油的蒸锅盘上,在面皮刷上薄薄一层小葱头油,以中大火候蒸 10-12分钟直到面皮变透明(我在蒸锅盘铺上一片抹了油的香蕉叶)

– Brush another thin coat of shallot oil on the soon kueh after steaming.  Sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds and fried shallots over the soon kueh

– Serve hot with a drizzle of sweet black sauce and chili sauce

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

picshow20140221_133942– i halved the recipe and made thirteen 35-38g (dough skin) soon kueh
我做了半份的食谱,做了十三个 35-38克(面皮重量)的笋粿

– i couldn’t find mang kwang in beijing during this season, so (on mum’s advice) i used bamboo shoots in place of mang kwang

– i did not have soon kueh flour, so substituted with rice flour/wheat starch and tapioca flour according to Fong’s instructions
我家也木有笋粿粉,取纳了 Fong的建议,以上方面粉重量,调了自己笋粿粉

– my soon kuehs were steamed for 11 mins
我的笋粿蒸了 11分钟

IMG_6303this is a recipe keeper for sure… because everyone loves this (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

Pollution index: 57 (good)


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