qwei promised you this copycat McDxxxxx’s french fries recipe following my copycat K*C recipe ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Recipe adapted from Nicko’s Kitchen


3 large potatoes
light corn syrup
salt (for seasoning)
oil (for frying)


土豆 3大颗



– peel and slice potato

– pop fries into cold water for 5 mins to remove excess starch
切好的薯条用冰水浸泡 3分钟以去除多余的淀粉

– after 5 mins, drain off the cold water and place the fries into another clean pyrex dish

– pour boiling water into another dish. put some sugar in and some corn syrup. stir to dissolve. then pour this solution onto the fries. this serves to give the fries that crunchy McDxxxxx’s texture

– place the fries in the solution for 10 mins
薯条浸泡 10分钟

– after 10 mins, drain water and place fries onto a plate lined with paper towel. also pat fries dry with another layer of paper towel

– place the plate of fries into freezer for 20 mins
将薯条码到碟子上、冷冻 20分钟

– to fry ~ heat up canola oil in wok and place in fries without over-crowding basket

– at this stage, fry fries for 2 mins. fries should not have any colour on them. place them on a plate with paper towel. this completes the first stage of frying. let fries cool for 10 mins
此时,将薯条炸两分钟。薯条未上色~捞起到厨纸上。让薯条冷却 10分钟

– after cooling, pour fries back into the wok, and place into oil. fry for 5-7 mins. this is the second and last stage of frying
薯条冷却后,将其重新放入热油中翻炸。炸约 5-7分钟

– pull fries out of wok. season them with salt while fries are still hot and coat well

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6409– i used 1.5 tbsp sugar and corn syrup for the boiling water
糖和玉米浆我各用了 1.5大匙

– please ensure you do not overlap fries when freezing them

– i made these in big batches, and stored a portion of it for future use. to store, complete all the above steps until after the first frying stage is completed. Ensure fries are totally cooled, then bag them in ziplock bag. then freeze

– i air-fried a small batch, and deep fried another. verdict? the deep fried is indeed much better

IMG_6413enjoy homemade fries ٩(๑꒦ິȏ꒦ິ๑)۶

Pollution index: 353 (hazardous)


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