IMG_6527molang is so cute… isn’t it? it’s my favourite sticker in wechat.. white and innocent (∩˃o˂∩)♡ oh well, like i always say, i enjoy having fun with my food… food, can be pretty and cute too, no? ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

Recipe adapted from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes 12)

IMG_652912 strawberries (small)
200g mochiko sweet glutinous rice flour
60g sugar
250ml water
360g sweet red bean paste
4 tablespoons Katakuriko (potato starch)
12 salted cherry blossoms (soaked in water & pat dry)

plastic wrap as needed

食材(可做 12个)

草莓 12颗(小颗)
糯米甜米粉 200克
糖 60克
水 250毫升
甜红豆沙泥 360克
土豆淀粉 4大匙
盐泽樱花 12颗 (浸水后,拍干)



IMG_6533– Rinse the strawberries and remove the stalks. Divide the red bean paste into 30 g portions and shape into balls. Wrap strawberries with red bean paste
草莓洗净、去茎。红豆沙泥分割成 30克等份、搓成圆形。每颗草莓裹上一份红豆沙泥

– Place mochiko flour and sugar in a microwave safe dish and add water little by little. Stir slowly with a wooden spatula

– Cover with plastic wrap and microwave (500W) for 2 minutes. Uncover and stir with a wooden spatula

– Cover with plastic wrap again and heat for 2 minutes. Uncover and stir well. Repeat this process one more time to make a thick dough

– Dust a large container with katakuriko potato starch flour and transfer the dough into it. Divide into 12 portions and stretch each portion into flat rounds. Sprinkle katakuriko flour as necessary
在一个大容器中撒上土豆淀粉,将以上面团摆入。将面团分割成 12等份,将每份拉成圆形面皮。适当时撒上土豆淀粉

– Place a circle of dough in the palm of your hand and put one portion of the strawberry and bean paste filling in the middle. Wrap the bean paste with the dough. Put the desalted cherry blossoms on top and serve

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6532– i halved the recipe and used about 100ml of water
我做了原食谱百分之五十的量,用了 100毫升的水

  • not sure what is 500W on my microwave, so i heat it on medium-high for 2 mins the first time, 2 mins on medium for 2nd time, and 1 min on low for 3rd time. everything came together but was a sticky dough. i just turned it out onto a lightly sifted flour table top and gave it a few kneads

  • after wrapping the red bean paste with the dough, i pinched small bits of the dough to form the ears and limbs of molang. i placed completed molangs to chill for 15 mins before decorating expressions using toothpick with melted dark chocolate and strawberry chocolate
    内陷包上面皮后,我捏了若干份小面团做 Molang 的耳朵和手脚。整形后的 Molang, 冷藏了 15分钟再用融化黑巧和草莓巧克力以竹签画上面部表情

IMG_6531IMG_6536… and a very simple dessert is born ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Pollution index:  53 (good)


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