IMG_6434i love beh teh sor… do you? but in china, i haven’t see this around, so make lah… I was a little disappointed with the colour of the filling, but the aroma and taste? i think SD has done a wonderful job tuning it to the traditional taste… my hubby, tried one of these during lunch (just after i baked these), and INSISTED to take the entire batch to office… ヾ(^-^)ノ

Chinese Flaky Pastry adapted from Cafe of the East

Ingredients (i tuned the original recipe to make 15 puffs)

Water Dough
90g bread flour
90g cake flour
37.5g icing sugar
67.5g butter
53ml water (adjust as necessary)

Lard Dough
90g cake flour
45g lard

Filling recipe adapted from here

Ingredients (makes 15 portion of filling)

100g brown sugar
30g maltose
20ml shallot-flavoured oil (oil from frying the shallot)
5 tbsp (about 50g) cooked glutinous rice flour
2 tbsp (about 20g) cornflour
60ml water
1 tbsp fried shallot, pounded
1 tsp black sesame seeds, pounded

酥皮食材 (可做 15个)

面包粉 90克
蛋糕粉 90克
糖粉 37.5克
黄油 67.5克
水 53毫升(适量调整)

蛋糕粉 90克
猪油 45克

黄糖 100克
麦芽糖 30克
葱油 20毫升(也就是炸小葱头的油)
糕粉 5大匙(约 50克)
粟粉 2大匙(约 20克)
水 60毫升
炸葱头 1大匙,敲碎
黑芝麻 1小匙,敲碎

– prepare filling by mixing all ingredients together to obtain a soft dough. divide into 20g pieces each (about 15 portions) and set aside
事先准备内陷~所有食材混合成团。分割成 15等份,约 20克一份。待用

  • begin to prepare flaky pastry ~ make water and lard dough separately. rest the water dough for 15-20 mins before using
    准备酥皮~ 水油皮和油酥皮食材各自混合。水油皮需静置 15-20分钟

  • divide into 15 portions each and make sure both dough have about the same pliability/flexibility
    面团各分割成 15克等份并确保各面团柔软性是一致

  • wrap lard dough into a portion of water dough and do the necessary rolling to get the layering. refer to this link for rolling instructions (up to step 11)
    将一份油酥皮裹入水油皮,并擀出卷起。准备酥皮的步骤可参考此链接 (至图11)

  • all in all, you should be doing 2 swiss-rolling process of the dough. rest dough for 15 mins after final roll up
    擀平卷起步骤共两次、最后一次卷起修面 15分钟

  • roll a portion of dough into a flat disc and wrap a portion of filling into it

  • flatting each patty slightly with palm and bake in preheated oven of 210 degrees C for 12-14 mins
    将裹入内陷后的面团用手掌稍微压下,送入预热至 210摄氏度烤箱烤 12-14分钟既可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6430– i used 50g light brown sugar, and 50g organic coconut palm sugar. i substituted corn flour with tapioca starch
我用了 50克黄糖、50克有机椰子花糖。粟粉以木薯粉替代

  • i melted the maltose inside 60ml of hot water before using
    使用麦芽糖前,我将其融入于食谱中60毫升的水 (我用了热水)

  • not sure if i did something wrong for the filling, but after mixing everything together, i got a very wet batter. i had to add a handful of cooked glutinous rice flour/tapioca starch to get it into a soft dough. the picture makes the filling look dry but it actually isn’t.. it’s very chewy and soft…

  • i had to bake my patties for 20 mins before they started to brown evenly
    我的香饼用了 20分钟烘焙才均匀上色

IMG_6432very very flaky pastry… accompanied with a slight chewy filling…. this is one snack that makes you go mmmmmmm… (∩❛ڡ❛∩)


Pollution index: 66 (good)


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