Original recipe by 青井 X 子

Ingredients (for 17cm / 20cm cake respectively)

IMG_65244 / 7 large egg yolk
50cc / 90cc salad oil
60cc / 100cc warm milk (replace with orange juice)
70g / 120g cake flour
4 / 7 large egg white
60g / 100g sugar (sifted once)

zest from 1 big orange


IMG_6580– add salad oil to egg yolks and whisk to incorporate
– add in orange juice to mixture and mix well. Sift flour into mixture all at once and whisk well
– beat egg white till frothy and no longer in liquid form. Add sugar in 2 additions and whisk till stiff and shiny peaks are achieved
– add 1/3 of egg white meringue into yolk batter and use whisk to mix. Then change to a rubber spatula and fold the batter well to ensure the bottom have been well mixed. Add in the leftover egg white meringue in 2 more additions and repeat the same process. Add in orange zest and incorporate well
– Once your batter is light and fluffy, stop mixing. Over mixing will cause batter to deflate
– pour batter into pan from a considerable height ~ this helps to eliminate the amount of air bubbles in the batter
– bake 17cm cake for 25mins and 20cm cake for 30mins in 180 degrees C preheated oven
– invert cake to cool once out of oven and allow to cool completely
– once cake has cooled, wrap cake (still in pan) in plastic bag and place in fridge. This prevents the cake from drying out
– by placing cake in fridge for 2-3 days before unmoulding helps to stabilize cake and keeps it moist. Also, the cake taste better after a couple of days

Personal notes:

– this cake is very flavourful and spongy
– i whipped 250g of heavy cream,  and added 25g icing sugar, a few drops of madagascar vanilla extract and Godiva chocolate liquer to it… yummylicious whipped cream…

IMG_6525the original cake… (▰˘◡˘▰)….

IMG_6576and the dressed up… hmmm… how come it looks like strawberry shortcake ≖‿≖
I had to take the pictures really quickly as the weather was melting my cream! urgggghhhh…… its sweating!

Pollution index: 3 (thunderstorm in Hong Kong)



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