IMG_6517there’s endless bread baking in the house whenever the husband is in town… so when he’s around, it’s always bread, bread bread…. fortunately, i do not need to stress too much over what kind of bread to bake as he is a pure white/plain bread lover (>’o’)> ♥ <(‘o’<)

Recipe adapted and translated from 花师奶


Ingredients (makes 7 rows of bread, each 60g)
*size of square pan: 19.5cm (base 17.5cm) x H 5cm

IMG_6513Sponge dough
140g sifted high protein flour
3.2g instant dry yeast
7.7g caster sugar
106g milk, room temperature

Main dough
60g sifted high protein flour
48.5g caster sugar
30g egg white
1g vanilla essence
10g full cream milk powder
20g butter, room temperature and diced
12g whipping cream
13g milk, room temperature (add only if necessary)

egg wash (1 egg + 1 tbsp water)

Directions (please also refer to above link for tutorial)

IMG_6512– prepare sponge dough by mixing all ingredients together either by hand of mixer. you can mix with KitchenAid (KA) on speed 1 for 1.5 mins, and 3 mins on speed 2
– allow sponge dough to proof for 3 to 3.5hrs in a 25-28 degrees C temperature environment. note that time indicated here is only for reference purposes
– after proofing, snip sponge dough into small pieces and mix together with all of  main dough ingredients EXCEPT 13g MILK AND BUTTER. as you knead, gauge if additional milk is required, and add bit by bit (if needed). knead till you get slightly shiny dough. If using KA, knead dough with dough hook on speed 1 for 2 mins, and then another 9.5 mins interchangeably on speed 2 and 4
– incorporate butter and continue kneading till you achieve window pane stage. you can knead this for 1.5mins on KA speed 2, and then another 3 mins on speed 4
– place dough into a lightly greased bowl and allow to proof for 40 mins in a 28-30 degrees C environment, or till dough doubles in size
– punch dough down lightly and spread dough into a big sheet (please refer to the above link for pictures). then do a 3 fold on the dough (1/3 fold from left, and 1/3 fold from right), and then another 3 fold by folding the dough from upwards towards the middle, and the bottom flap overlapping the previous flap. you should get a 9 layered square
– once again, place this into a greased bowl, and proof for 30 mins in a 28-30 degrees C environment
– divide dough into 7 portions of 60g dough and rest for 15-20 mins
– flatten and roll each portion of dough into a disc and then “swiss roll” the dough tightly. shape the dough into a long olive shape (length of each portion should be 16m)
– place these into a greased pan and proof for 50 mins in a 32-35 degrees C environment. meantime, preheat oven to 180 degrees C
– just before baking, brush a thin coat of egg wash on dough and reduce oven temperature to 170 degrees C. bake for 16-18 mins
– unmould bread immediately after baking and brush a thin coat of milk on bread. allow to cool

  • pan for pai bao should ideally be 15-20cm wide, and 4.5-6cm tall
    ** length each dough should be 1-2cm shorter than the width of the pan

Personal notes:

IMG_6510– my pan is 33cm W (base 31cm) and 5cm H. i doubled the recipe and made 15 rows. i packed my rows tightly as i think pai bao looks nice that way
– my bread was baked for 20 mins before internal temperature reached 96 degrees C

IMG_6514排包,早安,你好! ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Pollution index: 3 (thunderstorm in Hong Kong)


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