IMG_6631someone posted this in a closed group led by Kenneth Goh in Facebook and this is one of those recipes that makes me jump up from my couch, and into the kitchen right away… ♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・… no regrets for sure and i now know why this is a hit in Hainan… of course, the authentic one is steamed in a square folded pandan leaf  box…

*all my moulds are purchased from 烟台三味

Recipe adapted from Yummy Health Food


Ingredients A
Gula melaka 马六甲椰糖: 125g
Water 水: 25g
Pandan leaf 班兰叶:4 pcs
Ginger 姜:1 pc (smashed 压扁)

Ingredients B
Grated white coconut 新鲜椰丝 : 200g

Ingredients C
Fried Grounded peanuts 炒熟花生颗粒:50g
Fried white sesame seeds 熟白芝麻: 25g

Ingredients D
Plain flour 面粉:1 tbsp

Ingredients A
Glutinous rice flour 糯米粉:300g (sifted)

Ingredients B (mixed)
Coconut milk / water 椰奶或水:280g
Sugar 白糖: 80g
Salt 盐 1/4 tsp

Ingredients C
Corn oil 粟米油 : 45g

* Corn oil 粟米油: 30g (For glazing 刷粿子用途)


IMG_6635– first, prepare filling by cooking Ingredients A over low flame till gula Melaka melted. stir constantly
事先准备馅料- 将A材料混合,便用小火煮至椰糖融化为止。之间一定要不停搅拌

– Add Ingredients B, fry till fragrant and dry
加入B 材料,翻炒至干及有香味儿

– Mix Ingredients C and stir fry till well combined

– Add plain flour and mix well, dish up, and set aside for later use

– proceed to prepare skin – Place glutinous rice flour into a mixing bowl

– Slowly add in Ingredients B and mix well

– Add in corn oil and mix to form a soft and smooth dough

– Cover with cloth and rest for 20 min

– Divide dough into 30g each

– Wrap in fillings, shape round and put into pre-prepared pandan leaf box or banana leaf. Flatten slightly

– Arrange on a steamer and steam over medium flame for 10 min

– Remove from steamer and brush with corn oil while it’s still hot

Personal notes:

IMG_6629– i used coconut oil throughout the recipe and used 45g sugar for the skin
– do flour hands and bench top when attempting to wrap filling and shape into balls. it makes the dough easier to manage
– each of my dough weighs 30g and i steamed them for 7 mins, and kept it inside the steamer for 3 mins before removing them. do cover the steamer lid with a cloth before steaming. i first boiled the water over high heat, and then turned to medium-low during steaming
– if you want to use a chop, allow the kueh to cool and “dry” slightly before applying chop. brush chop with some red liquid (red food colouring mixed with water) then chop lightly. i felt that brushing vs dipping into liquid yielded a nicer stamp effect (and it took me many kuehs before i got a nice stamp (⊙﹏⊙✿))
– i used my newly acquired mould for some of the kueh – if you intend to do this, please ensure you have a “drier” dough for otherwise, everything will stick to the mould

IMG_6630the filling is so yummy… couldn’t stop eating it (;゙°´ω°´)

Pollution index: 90 (good)


  • Kenneth Goh says:

    今天我决定比谁都先到,看我妹妹在做什么! Well done, speechless as usual…. so beautiful.. remember to make for me when you are back okay. Here I go, bye.

  • Mel says:

    Victoria!!!!!!!! This is my favourite kuih (because Im also a hainanese lor…hehehe). I remember years back I used to buy this kuih to eat but one day do not know why after eating, I had food poisoning (probably the coconut filling not fresh). Thereafter I dare not buy any kuih with coconut filling anymore. You still have anymore left for me? Wish I can taste yours.

  • kristy says:

    What an interesting recipe you\’re sharing with us today. I love the filling as well. Actually…I can\’t resist anything sweet. haha….
    Enjoy & hope you\’re going to have a great weekend dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  • Theresa Wong says:

    Yummy~~ Thanks for your sharing yah~ ^^

  • 这糕点没吃过,送我一粒吃好吗?

  • 鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 says:


  • 我也没吃过。。。送我两粒哦。。。平衡点。。。哈哈哈

  • Little Blue says:


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  • May Law says:

    这不糕点之前我也做过, 只是不同的版本而已, 你做的很赞!

  • lena says:

    hi victoria, i\’m not aware of this traditional kueh and very delighted to know it. The ones you made with the mould look very pretty!

  • Hi Victoria,
    Are you Hainanese? I am half Hainanese and I think I know what this kueh is, haha. It is usually squarish and placed on a banana leaf. I don\’t quite like the taste, I can\’t pin down what ingredient it is that gives it a tangy taste which i don\’t like, but now I know what it is, it is ginger 🙂

    But I like the way you made them. Thumbs up for a lovely twist to the traditional hainanese kueh !

  • 柠檬叶 says:


  • Hi Victoria,

    Just to check where do you get the kueh stamp chop from? 🙂



  • sally says:


  • Hi Victoria,
    I have never seen or heard of this kuih before. My hubby is a Hainanese, but I doubt he knows much about kuehs!!! Looks good though, and I like most kuehs with coconut filling…pass one over please!

  • eileen says:


  • Ann Low says:

    Mmm… look yummy! I\’ve never tried these kuih before, can share some with me?

  • They are so beautiful and dainty!!! I can\’t bear to eat them but I would as they look so yummy!!

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