IMG_6768 and after 8 years of residing in beijing, i have finally convinced my ah bu (hokkien term of endearment for mum) to come to visit me..of course, there’s no letting her off… the first thing my hubby and i wanted was curry! mum’s curry is the best… i tried my best to ask her for her recipe, but being a very local singaporean with barely much english education, she had all her ingredients memorised in different languages and, the quantity of each ingredient used, was that of a veteran cook.. yes, everything in agar-ration (i.e. estimation)… (///Σ///) .. i’m not someone who can aga-aga… so i really can’t put up a recipe with aga-aga… but what i can share, is the roti prata i made that goes so well with it ≧(´▽`)≦

深住北京已长达8年的我,终于把娘亲招过来了。。嗨。。真的是费劲唇舌!不简单。。。当然,娘亲驾到,老小孩和我都同声要求阿母(我是这么称呼咋们家娘亲滴。。。几十年了。。改不了口)烹煮她拿手的咖喱。。原先想将食谱上传与大家分享。。恶梦来啦。。 (///Σ///) 阿母既然没法以一种语言把食材一一说明!地道新加坡人吧。。咋们说是 “rojak” 语言。。。AND! 食材虽记得了,用量又以 “大概大概” 和 “眼视或适量” 而决定。。 这回还真是。。妈呀。。 这食谱怎么写呀?服了you 阿母! 没法子,唯独和大家分享俺做滴手抓饼食谱哈 ≧(´▽`)≦

Recipe & pictorial adapted & translated from BitterSweetSpicy

Ingredients (makes 10)

IMG_6760600g plain flour
270ml water
80g (1/4 cup) condensed milk
15ml (1 tbsp) oil or melted butter or ghee (Faeez suggested adding more)
1 tsp salt
1 whole egg

食材(可做 10片)

80克 (或1/4杯)炼奶
15毫升 (1 大匙)油,或融化黄油,或酥油 (Faeez 建议加量)
1 小匙盐

*please refer to the above link for pictorial
*整形图解请参考以上”BitterSweetSpicy” 链接

IMG_6759– In a container, combine water, condensed milk, oil, salt & egg. Mix the wet ingredients until well blended

– In a mixing bowl, combine the flour and liquid & beat at speed 1 (low) using the paddle attachment for 1 minute. You’ll get a shaggy mess. Rest for 20 minutes
另一个容器里,倒入面粉,和以上液体食材。厨师机,用搅拌配件,以速度一(或慢速度) 搅拌面团一分钟。此时的面团偏粗糙。休面20分钟

– Change to dough hook & knead at Speed 2 for 10 mins (rest for 5 minute after first 5 minutes). You should have a tacky dough
20分钟后,转用和面配件,使用速度二,揉面10分钟 (每五分钟后,休面五分钟)。面团会有点黏性

-Divide the dough using a cutter into ten 100g portions. Shape each piece of dough into a ball
面团分割成10等份 (各100克左右)。面团揉成圆形

– Coat the dough with oil and place them in a container or a muffin pan. cover pan with plastic and leave it in the fridge overnight

– Place a dough ball on a working table. Using your palm & fingers, flatten the dough evenly

– Flip or stretch out the dough as thin & even as possible, without tearing it. Brush some oil onto the stretched dough

– Fold or gather the stretched dough to form a long piece. Brush some oil

– Starting from both ends, turn them to form an S shape dough. Brush some oil
面条两端往内转圈,形成一个 “S” 字幕。面团刷上油

– Pick up one part of the S-shaped dough & place it over the other part to form a bun-shaped dough
提起”S” 的其中一段,叠上另一端,形成圆形面团

– Using your hand, flatten the dough to form a flat & even uncooked prata

– Heat up a flat pan & add some oil. Then fry the prata on medium fire until it turns golden brown
热锅冷油 ~ 用中火煎面团至金黄色即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– i used 20ml instead of 15ml of ghee

IMG_6764very well worth the effort…

i am submitting this post to Little Thumbs Up May: Milk hosted by Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House, organised by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY

little thumbs up

Pollution index:  198 (unhealthy)


  • wow 8 years in Beijing. That is a long time! Glad your mommy decided to join you. I tried roti canai before and that method was pretty tedious. Will bookmarked yours. coz my kiddos love prata!

  • May Law says:

    喔! 有妈的孩子像个宝, 你就享受着做个快乐的宝宝吧!
    我来拿一片roti prata就走了, 不打扰你和妈妈相聚一团了。

  • Little Blue says:


  • Kosong的roti canai,我爱!

  • 0620 says:

    幸福ing。。。 XD

  • Zoe says:

    Hi Victoria,

    What an coincidence! I have made prata too! Yeah… I like the kind with egg and condensed milk being richer in texture 😀 Did you flip yours like pro? I\’m hopeless doing that :p


  • 在北京吃着南洋风味的美食,很幸福,对吧!?呵呵~

  • Mel says:

    It is always a blessing to have our mum to come to stay with us after we\’re even married, right? …hehehe…I been persuading my mum to come back to stay with me too. Roti prata is my favourite too, love having it with curry sauce instead of the usual dhal.

  • Your roti canai looks delish! And delicious with homemade curry! And mom\’s cooking is always the best!

  • Homemade roti sure very good !

  • 好幸福的孩子。。。我也要吃伯母煮的咖喱啊
    还有妳的roti prata沾伯母的咖喱。。。想到都流口水了。。哈哈

  • 鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 says:

    我泡TEH 来了。。。。

  • Tze says:

    Victoria, I want the curry from your mum!! 还有那roti prata 就请吃两片吧 :D


  • AuntyYoung says:

    eh,有妈的孩子,像个宝: 羡慕你,我已经好久是没妈的孩子,像根草,呜。。。。。。:(

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  • lena says:

    hi victoria, i love all kinds of flatbread..! i dont mind too if just eating it plain..!! love that your prata looks golden , nice!

  • frank says:

    wow, 8 years in beijing, what an experience.
    thanks for sharing this recipe! i realised theres condensed milk, is the dough sweet?
    regards – IG: gentlemans_cooking

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