IMG_6746we all know what the wife cake is.. but have you ever heard of husband cake? not me.. i was just googling for fun to see if there was such a thing and gosh, to my surprise, yes!  ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ the difference between the wife and husband cake, is that the wife cake is sweet, but the husband cake’s filling is savoury.. everyone love this and this pastry is very flaky.. not sure if it was the way i shaped it… (⌒-⌒; )  i have to admit though that this kinda reminds me of the heung peng.. ^_^;

老婆饼这东西,都听过呗?那老公饼这玩意儿呢?咔咔。。没有哈?莫个下午,闲着没事儿干,就百度了“老公饼”这三字。。 天啊。。这么一查,还真有这种小吃。。区别在于老婆饼的馅儿是甜的,而老公饼的馅儿偏咸。除此,不知是不是本人在整形上做了小调整,所以做出来的饼特酥。。。(小臭美。。给自己一个赞)♪(´ε` )

Recipe adapted and translated from 下厨房

Ingredients/食材 (makes 8 small biscuits)


Water dough
100g low protein flour (cake flour)
30g lard or shortening
20g sugar
50g water

Oil dough
60g low protein flour (cake flour)
30g lard or shortening

60g glutinous rice flour
20g black sesame seeds
60g sugar
70g water
2 tbsp salad oil
1 tsp salt
sprinkle of sichuan peppercorn


低粉 100克

猪油 30克

糯米粉 60克
黑芝麻 20克
糖 60克

(my own shaping modifications are marked in blue / 绿色字体是本人自己在整形上稍做调整的笔记)


– fry peppercorn and salt in a non-stick pan till salt turns yellow. dish up and set aside. add in sugar, water, and salad oil into pan and boil over medium heat till sugar dissolves and water boils. turn off heat, and add in glutinous rice flour, sesame seeds and the pre-fried salt/peppercorn. mix well. cover with cling wrap and place filling into freezer for 30 mins ~ the filling will not freeze up, so you do not need to worry. it will harden up slightly which makes it easier to handle. please note that the glutinous rice flour need not be pre-fried in advance.

– mix all the water dough ingredients and knead into a soft dough. set aside to rest

– repeat the same process for oil dough ingredients

– divide both water and oil dough into 8 equal portions and shape into a ball

IMG_6730place a portion of oil dough onto a water dough

IMG_6731wrap oil dough inside water dough ~ shape and seal well

IMG_6732Roll it out into a disc ~ about the shape of a dumpling wrapper

IMG_6733make a three-fold (or envelope fold) so that the disc becomes a rectangle. rest for 15 mins

IMG_6734After 15 mins, turn dough 90 degrees, and make another three fold
*please note that at this point, i rolled the dough out into a long rectangle sheet

IMG_6736instead of three fold, i made a four fold. rest dough 15 mins
以上步骤,我做了四折替代3折。 静置15分钟

IMG_6737shape rested dough into a ball
*in order to make shaping easier, i first laid my dough on a piece of cling wrap with folds facing upwards

IMG_6738*pull four corners together

IMG_6739*then pull cling wrap together 

IMG_6740*twitch cling wrap opening tightly

IMG_6741*unwrap cling wrap

IMG_6742shape into a ball

IMG_6743roll dough out into a disc and place a portion of filling into the middle of the dough. seal seams & shape into a ball
擀成饼子皮大小, 放馅做成圆球

IMG_6744flatten slightly and placed onto a greased baking sheet. brush egg yolk onto cake, and bake for 20 mins in preheated oven of 190 degrees C
*i pricked some holes on the cake with a toothpick after egg wash & my end product was about 6cm in diameter
稍压扁,放进涂过油的烤盘. 表面刷层蛋黄液,190度上下火烤20分钟就ok了
*刷上蛋黄液后,我在老公饼上用了牙签刺了几个小孔 ~ 我的成品约6厘米宽

IMG_6747i did not want sesame seeds all over my cake, so i concentrated only on a side of it

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– i used 40g organic coconut flower sugar & 20g white sugar for the filling
– i used coconut oil instead of salad oil

IMG_6754another checked off my to-bake… YEAH! 凸^-^凸



Pollution index: 46 (excellent)


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