IMG_6690have you ever looked at someone’s bake and go “hmmm, i’m sure i can do the same”? this is how i felt for this bake (๑•́ ω •̀๑) i was so intrigued by this cake but it did not turn out the way the original cake was intended to be… (つω⊂* )…. gua gua…. but hey, this was so fun because it truly turned out marbled (i think i ended up zebra-ing the cake.. you know what i mean?) … i’m a firm believer of slicing bakes only when you want to eat it but this one, oh my.. i was so curious with each and every slice (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

Recipe adapted and translated from White Garden

Ingredients (makes a 22cm chiffon cake)

IMG_66965 egg white
90g sugar
few drops of white vinegar
10g corn starch

5 egg yolk
75g water
60g odourless/colourless vegetable oil
90g low protein flour (cake flour)

1 tsp matcha (green tea) powder
2 tbsp strawberry jam + 1 tsp red yeast powder
1 tbsp black sesame powder
1 tbsp hot chocolate powder (NOTE: this is NOT cocoa powder)

食材 (可做一个22厘米戚风蛋糕)

蛋白                 5 个
糖                    90g
白醋                少许
玉米粉             10g

蛋黄                 5 个
水                    75g
无色无味菜油  60g
低粉                 90g

绿茶粉                    1 tsp
草莓酱+红鞠粉     2 Tbsp +1 tsp
黑芝麻粉                1 Tbsp
巧克力粉                 1 Tbsp (注:这并非可可粉,而是热巧克力饮料粉)


IMG_6694–  beat egg yolks briefly and mix in oil

– add in water, incorporate well, then sift in flour. mix well till batter is not lumpy

– divide egg yolk batter into 5 equal portions. keep one portion as original batter, and add green tea powder, red yeast powder + strawberry jam, black sesame powder and hot chocolate powder into the rest of the portions RESPECTIVELY

– place a few drops of vinegar into egg white and beat till foamy. add in sugar and corn starch in a few additions and beat till stiff peak

– divide egg white meringue into 5 equal portions and fold in gently into the above 5 portions of egg yolk batter

– alternate different colour batter into chiffon pan using the “zebra-cake” method i.e. spooning batter by the tablespoon into the pan

– lightly tap the pan on the bench to remove air bubbles and bake for 45 mins in preheated oven of 180 degrees C

– invert cake to cool completely before unmoulding

– you can add and mix a teaspoon (or two) of water into the green tea powder, black sesame powder and hot chocolate powder so that it becomes a paste. this makes it easier to mix in the paste into the egg yolk batter

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6692– i used full cream milk instead of water, and organic coconut oil instead of vegetable oil

– my bad… i added 1 tbsp of red yeast powder instead of 1 tsp
人老啦。。 看走啦。。。应该是1小匙,却加了1大匙的红鞠粉

– my cake was baked for 38 mins in 180 degrees C oven

 IMG_6687my ugly ugly chiffon cake.. but like what Chef Kevin Chai said.. who cares if it’s ugly so long it’s tasty (๑^っ^๑)

Pollution index: 173 (unhealthy)

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