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Recipe adapted & translated from 愛樂蒂

Ingredients (makes 28-35 5×3.5cm oblong shape cakes)

a: filling: 1170g pineapple (net weight), 152g crushed crystal/rock sugar, 120g maltose
b: dough: 250g salted butter, 40g icing sugar, 60g egg, 40g milk powder, 25g almond meal, 300g low protein (cake) flour, 25g all purpose flour

IMG_6993食材 (可做28-35 个 5×3.5厘米长方形模酥饼)

a.土凤梨馅: 凤梨(或菠萝)去皮淨重1170g, 碎冰糖152g, 麦牙糖120g.
b.酥皮: 有盐奶油(黃油)250g, 糖粉40g, 全蛋液60g, 奶粉40g, 杏仁粉25g, 低筋面粉300g, 中筋面粉25g


IMG_6992– prepare filling: de-skin and wash pineapple. finely shred pineapple core and slice pineapple flesh thinly
熬煮土凤梨馅 ~ 凤梨去皮去釘眼洗淨後切開, 凤梨芯切下來磨成细蓉。余下的果肉先切片狀,再切成细条狀

– put pineapple core/flesh into cheesecloth and squeeze out all excess juice
將凤梨蓉及凤梨条全部裝入纱袋中, 用力拧出凤梨汁, 拧越干越好!

– place flesh into a large saucepan, ensuring that all seeds are removed
將拧干的果肉倒至锅里, 此时检查果肉, 若有殘余的釘眼或種籽要挑出來!

– add in crushed crystal/rock sugar into flesh and cook over medium-low heat till pineapple flesh becomes soft. when most of the juice have been dried up, turn down the heat and add in maltose. mix well and cook till pineapple flesh becomes dark amber colour. remove saucepan from stove and set aside to cool
检查好後加入碎冰糖, 開中小火將果肉炒软, 至水份收乾後改小火, 加入麦牙糖継续翻炒, 炒至顏色变深且呈粘稠狀即可関火, 呈出放涼备用!

– meantime, prepare dough ~ beat softened butter till pale and fluffy, then add in egg in 2-3 additions. add in sifted icing sugar, milk powder and almond meal. mix well using spatula
制作凤梨酥皮 – 奶油(黃油)室溫软化後, 用電動打蛋器撹打至顏色变淺体积变大, 將蛋液分2-3次加入, 每一次均撹打至完全吸收再加, 篩入糖粉,奶粉,杏仁粉。用刮刀略拌一下

– add in sifted flour and mix well spatula briefly. pour dough onto tabletop and knead with hands
再篩入面粉, 用刮刀翻拌按壓至乾粉变少, 倒至桌面, 改用双手按壓成团.

– knead till you get a soft dough and cover with cling wrap. chill for at least 30 mins
按壓至无干粉狀即可, 不要过度搓揉! 裝入保鲜袋中密封, 放入冰箱冷藏松弛30分鐘

– shaping: divide filling into 15g per portion and shape into balls
整形包制: 土凤梨馅秤好每个15g, 搓圆备用.

– divide dough into 21g per portion and shape into balls
酥皮面团松弛後, 分割每个21g, 略搓圆备用.

– roll out dough into a disc or spread out using fingers. wrap a portion of filling into dough, seal seams and place into mould
面皮擀開或用手按壓成橢圆狀, 放入凤梨馅(也捏成橢圆狀), 收口後搓圆使面皮厚度尽量一致, 放入長方形模具里

– first, push sides of dough into the four corners of mould. then press the entire dough downwards using pressure from the palm. turn dough around and repeat the same process for the other side so that the dough fills up the entire dough. ensure that the dough does not break, thus revealing filling
模具四个角先用手指推壓到位後, 再用手掌按壓紧实, 翻面再用手掌按壓一次, 让面皮推滿模具四个角且表面平整, 不能漏馅

– place dough with moulds onto baking sheet and bake in middle rack of preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 10 mins. flip shortbread and bake the other side for 10 mins then flip back up again. shortbread should be baked by now and if it isn’t, bake for a few more minutes. please note that baking time and temperature indicated here is for reference only and needs to be adjusted accordingly. baked shortbread will shrink slightly and can be de-mould easily
模具等距排放在烤盤上, 放入已預热180度烤箱中层, 烤10分鐘後取出翻面, 再烤10分鐘, 再翻回正面, 此时若已上色即可, 若未上色可再烤几分鐘! (请根據自家烤箱狀況调整烤溫及时间) 烤好的凤梨酥会有少許收縮, 可直接取出模具, 或是倒扣取出即可!

Note: salted butter has been used for this recipe but this can be replaced with unsalted butter
注: 酥皮我用含盐的奶油(黃油)制做, 用无盐奶油亦可

 Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6991– i used 10g filling, 13 g dough for my mould

– i chilled the shortbread for 30 mins after shaping before baking

– i brushed a thin layer of egg yolk on my shortbread before baking. next time i will apply a second coat after 10 mins of baking so that the characters will be more visible

IMG_6996interested in my mould? i custom made this with 花瓣夭夭
packaging was purchased in Taipei



Pollution index: 119 (lightly polluted)

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