IMG_7062after making the giraffe vanilla custard kisses, i had a leftover egg white… i dugged into my egg white recipes folder and found this from Cookpad
做了长颈鹿香草精卡仕达夹心饼后又留下那一个蛋白。。。呃。。。 搜搜蛋白食谱档案夹,嘿,还被我找到这宝贝儿。。

Recipe adapted and translated from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes 7 mini doughnuts)

IMG_70561 medium egg white
35g butter
2 tbsp sugar
35g plain flour
oil (for greasing mould)
icing sugar (for finishing)

食材 (可做7个迷你甜甜圈)

IMG_7052蛋白 1颗
无盐黄油 35克
白砂糖 2大匙
面粉 35克
油 (涂抹烤盘使用)
糖粉 (收尾用)


IMG_7063– beat butter (brought to room temperature) with sugar using egg whisk till pale and creamy

– beat egg white briefly till frothy

– add egg white to butter/sugar mixture in 3 additions. incorporate well after each addition

– add in sifted flour and blend well

– grease mould with oil

– pipe batter into mould and bake for 15 mins in preheated oven of 180 degrees C

– place cooled doughnuts into a plastic bag with icing sugar in it and shake well. serve & enjoy

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7055– after cooling the doughnuts, i spreaded melted white chocolate between 2 doughnuts and sliced them into halves. then i used melted dark chocolate to pipe dots onto the halved doughnuts

– cut up pretzel sticks, spread some melted chocolate on one end, and stick to a giraffe cookie (see below picture). chill for 15 mins
将百力滋饼干条切断,然后在一角抹上少许巧克力,粘到长颈鹿饼干上 (请见以下图解)。 冷藏15分钟
IMG_7060– insert pretzel with cookie into the halved doughnut very carefully

IMG_7064my 3D giraffe doughnut
( ´͈ ॢꇴ  `͈)੭ु⁾⁾·°˖ᔆᵘᵗᵉᵏⁱ✧˖°

Pollution index: 219 (very unhealthy)

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