IMG_7116Recipe adapted & translated from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes 10 regular or 12 smaller sized buns)
*green fonts indicate my modifications

Bread dough
230g bread flour (i used cake flour)
50g oatmeal
25g brown sugar (or caster sugar)
3g salt
30g softened butter
200ml milk
3g instant dry yeast

Cookie dough
20g softened butter
90g sugar
1 egg
20ml milk
small amount of melon essence (optional)
220g cake flour
granulated sugar to finish (as needed)

IMG_7115食材 (可做10个普通或小形餐包)

面包粉 230克 (我用了蛋糕粉)
燕麦片 50克
软化黄油 30克
牛奶 200毫升
干酵母 3克

软化黄油 20克
糖 90克
鸡蛋 1颗
牛奶 20毫升
甜瓜精数滴 (可免)
蛋糕粉 220克
砂糖 (收尾用)


IMG_7118– make cookie dough by mixing butter with sugar together. add in egg, milk and melon essence and mix well
事先准备菠萝皮料 ~ 将黄油和糖混合后,加入鸡蛋,牛奶和甜瓜精。拌匀

– add in cake flour and cut it in. it will be crumbly. cover with cling wrap and press together with fingers into one big piece. chill for 30 mins and prepare bread dough

– mix all ingredients together in bread machine and allow it to finish first rise. after first rise, take out dough and divide into 10 or 12 portions

– shape each portion into a ball and cover with plastic wrap and a tightly wrung out moistened kitchen towel. rest for 15 mins

– when dough is resting, remove cookie dough from fridge and divide into 10-12 portions

– press each portion of cookie dough into a round disc and wrap a portion of dough into it

– roll buns in sugar and score with a knife to make a melon-like pattern

– rise for second time, around 30 mins at 40 degrees C (with the help of oven)

– bake bread in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 15 mins

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7113– i halved the recipe and made 5 buns

– each of my bun is 30g, and eyes of kerropi is 3g each

– after preparing cookie dough, i pinched a small handful of cookie dough to colour it pink with red yeast powder, and coloured the major portion with a bit of matcha powder
准备好的菠萝皮料,我分割成一大和一小 (非常小)部份 ~ 大份的加入了少许绿茶粉,小份的加入了红曲粉

– after wrapping cookie dough around bun, i placed the eyes on top of each bun and then let it go through second proofing

– just before baking, i rolled out pink cookie dough and used piping tip to cut out round circles to place on the cheeks; then used melted chocolate to pipe eyes and mouth




Pollution index: 155 (unhealthy)

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