IMG_7323ensuing my last chef nishikawa’s 85% hydration sesame toast, i’m continuing with the craze of this super soft bread.. and this time, a chocolate marble bread
in 2 days, i baked 2 loaves of this.. yes, this was how fast it had been consumed… same dough, different slicing method.. which swirls do you prefer?
随着之前极度受欢迎的西川功晃芝麻吐司,我再次陷入这疯迷 “哈柔软吐司” 的风潮。。。
( ´͈ ૢᐜ `͈ૢ)・*♡੭ੇ৸♡੭ੇ৸♡

Dough recipe adapted & translated from 凌尒尒

Ingredients (makes two 450g loaf)

IMG_7309500g high protein flour
78g sugar
5g instant dry yeast
5g salt
50g egg
200g milk
125g water
60g butter

食材 (可做两条 450克吐司)

高筋面粉 500克
糖 78克
酵母 5克
盐 5克
鸡蛋 50克
牛奶 200克
水 125克
黄油 60克


IMG_7320– prepare dough by mixing all ingredients (except butter) together. knead till you get a dough

– knead in butter, incorporate well and knead till you achieve window pane

– place dough into a deep mixer bowl and allow to rise till double in size

– punch dough down to remove air bubbles and divide into 6 equal portions

– cover with cling wrap and rest for 15 mins

– roll each portion of dough into an olive shape and swiss roll up. rest for 15 mins again

– roll dough out and swiss roll once again. place 3 portions of dough into one loaf pan

– allow to rise again till it reaches 80% of the height of loaf pan

– bake in preheated oven of 190 degrees C for 40 mins

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7326– i halved the recipe and made one 450g loaf. i reduced the sugar to 24g of trehalose
我将食谱减半,做了一条450克吐司。绵白糖减至 24克海藻糖

– to make chocolate marble bread, first prepare chocolate sheet

Chocolate sheet recipe from here

50g chocolate
20g butter
20g bread flour
10g cocoa powder
5g corn flour
60g milk
20g castor sugar
1 egg white


烘焙巧克力 50克
黄油 20克
面包粉 20克
可可粉 10克
生粉 5克
牛奶 60克
绵白糖 20克
蛋白 1颗

IMG_7311– melt chocolate & butter separately

– sift flour, cocoa powder & cornflour together. Put the flour mixture in a saucepan

– add in milk & sugar into the sifted flour mixture

– add in melted chocolate, butter & egg white

– put the saucepan over the stove on low heat. Using a balloon whisk to stir the mixture until it becomes thick. It will becomes a soft dough

– remove the saucepan from stove. Pour out the chocolate dough onto a cling wrap to cool down

– roll out the chocolate dough into 18cm x 18cm & put in fridge for later use
将巧克力团擀成18 x 18厘米,冷藏待用

IMG_7295after first proofing, roll dough out into a 28 x 28 cm square
一次发酵后,将面团擀成 28 x 28 厘米的四方形

IMG_7296place chocolate sheet in the middle

IMG_7297pull dough together and seal seams tightly

IMG_7298roll dough out into a long sheet

IMG_7303do a three-fold

IMG_7301turn dough 90 degrees. rest dough for 15 mins and repeat the above process 1 more time
面团转 90度。休面 15分钟,然后再次重复以上步骤一次

IMG_7304roll the dough out (starting from the breath of sheet) once again into a rectangular sheet

IMG_7305slice dough into half

IMG_7306place dough into pan. rise for second time and bake
i baked my bread at 180 degrees C for 30 mins and brushed the bread with melted butter immediately after removing from oven

IMG_7324i prefer this

ok… i’m off to the world cup… still can’t believe i’m doing this but since it’s the hubby’s bucket list…
i shall be catching up with writing my backlogs though…

Pollution index: 220 (heavily polluted)

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  • faeez says:

    Wow! Must try baking this. I prefer the first swirl. 🙂

  • Mimi Bakery House says:

    Such a lovely marbled loaf you got there Victoria… I was trying to make one last Fri but I hadn\’t got a nice marbled effect due to the \”rolling\” method I did… I will try your method of the marbling effect… Thks for the step by step 🙂
    Hope to get a pretty marbled effect soon..hehehe..

  • Oh this is so pretty! and I know why you kept coming back for more. Just curious 450g loaf used how big a bread tin?

  • May Law says:

    我也喜欢这个。。。噢噢! 上了”灰机“, 你也成了疯子了!
    回来后, 还记得我这个亲亲哦!哈哈哈。。。

  • Mel says:

    I love the first pic swirl. With soft bread texture I can see that this bread is fast gone……

  • Ying says:

    This is beautiful!

  • 哈哈。。。我不想做其中一个傻子,所以根本不愿看一眼那些球赛

  • nice and beautiful chocolate swirl on the bread!

  • Hi Victoria, I would like to try both of the recipes, this and chef nishikawa, bookmarked, thanks a lot, hehe…

  • lena says:

    Both of the swirls also look very pretty to me! aiyo…you tempt me with all these super soft recipes…hehe

  • Tried the chef nishikawa\’s recipe in a breadmaker few days back, the dough is crazily soft and I didn\’t even dare to take it out of the bm and let it continue baking in it. The loaf has a slight sunken centre when baked but the texture is super soft, nice and delicious! Would love to try this as I like the swirls pattern on your first loaf but just wondering how to handle the super sticky dough..haha!

    • Hey Cheryl, good to hear you tried.. Vanessa on Fb tried in BM as well… She had a slight sunken top too I heard but otherwise, it was very good… Try using very strong bread flour.. Although still difficult to handle, I could manage it much better without having to flour the hands… This recipe has lesser hydration content than the earlier one as milk powder has been omitted. Much easier to manage but I have to admit the previous one is still the champion

  • Elaine C says:

    Hi I am a beginner in baking. I think my kids will love this bread. I am using a bread machine. Do I need to pre proof the yeast. If yes, how much warm water to use and do I need to reduce the 125g water. If not, do I place the yeast together with the dry ingredients? Will it effect the yeast when add together with salt? Lastly, the ingredient listed for the chocolate sheet is for 450g loaf? Hope you could help me out here and thanks for sharing such wonderful recipe. By the way, what is the size of the loaf tin for 450g loaf?

    • Hi Elaine, no you need not pre proof yeast and since u r baking it straight away, you need not worry about salt with yeast together, though I still suggest you follow your BM\’s instructions in the way ingredients should be added ( except butter). Do note however, that butter should only be added after you get a rough dough when all ingredients have been mixed. Pls do not make major adjustments to the ingredients of this bread because I will not guarantee you will get the texture that this loaf promise. If a couple more tbsp of flour or water is needed, that\’s fine since different flour has different liquid absorption ability.

      Yes, the ingredients I stated for the chocolate sheet is for a 450g loaf. My loaf pan is a 450g loaf pan (apologies, can\’t give measurements here as I am travelling). This is a standard 450g loaf pan that is similar in size in any baking supplies shop. Hope this helps and thanks for coming by

      • Elaine C says:

        HI Victoria,

        Baked it yesterday and it was soft and yummy. I had it right out from the oven (can\’t wait to try it!)!

        Two problems that I encountered yesterday:
        1. The dough was really soft and sticky which is difficult to handle and roll out. Although I tried adding flour slowly.. ( ended up more than 3 tablespoon and some more while rolling it out.Do I reduce the water?

        2. I was a bit confuse on the 2nd round folding of the dough. After roll out the secondtime, I need to do three fold again. Then do I roll it out to a long rectangular before rolling it up to a log shape?

        Appreciate your clarification on the above because I am gonna make another attempt today 🙂

  • hello Elaine, i\’m very happy for you… you are so humble to say you are a beginner yet you concurred this 🙂 ok, how \”sticky\” was your dough? is it manageable if you grease your hands and handle it without it sticking to your hands? if so, that\’s fine… as mentioned, different flour has different liquid absorption ability. i don\’t actually suggest you reduce water. Put it this way: it is sticky for me as well but i can shape it into a ball without dusting extra flour when my palms are greased. have you tried this? but i think adding 3 tbsp of flour is fine if the dough is that un-manageable for you.

    ok, with re the folding:
    1. after chocolate sheet is wrapped with dough, roll into long sheet, then 3 folds
    2. turn 90 degrees, rest dough
    3. roll out once again, and do another 3 fold
    4. rest dough again, then roll it out into a long sheet again
    5. swiss roll it

    i think i confused you when i said after the last roll out, roll out….. apologies about that. i shall amend accordingly 🙂

    looking forward to see your loaf someday soon and have a blessed weekend

  • Elaine C says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for your speedy reply. Hopefully I can make further improvement the next round. This recipe is a real keeper. You have a nice weekend too.

    By the way, I saw your recipe for sausages and love to make some for my kids. Is their favorite. Where can I get the sausage tube/cover (is that the right term?…forgotten!)?

  • Gabry says:

    beautiful!! thanks for the recipe!

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria just found your blog. Love it
    I am just starting
    Questions 1 the chocolate sheet ingredients is for only oi loaf of 450 gm. So if I do 1 loaf then I half the bread dough ingredients and do exactly the chocolate sheet . u said divide bread dough into 6 portions. It will be 3 rolls for half recipe
    What about the choc dough.? Do we divide this into 3 portion.? Thanks for reply.

    • Hi Chloe, apologies if the post has been confusing to you.. ok, the replies as follows:

      1. yes, if you want to do one loaf, half the dough recipe, and use the exact chocolate sheet ingredients as above

      2. for the bread dough division into 6 portions ~ please note that the instructions was for making the bread ONLY and since it was meant for two 450g loaves, it needed 6 rolls ~ 3 rolls into one 450g loaf pan. for one loaf, it is only 3 rolls if you make a plain bread. however, if you are making the above marble bread, first, make ONE loaf of dough, and the above chocolate sheet. shaping instructions should be from my personal notes portion i.e. no, you do not need to divide dough and chocolate sheet into 3 portions

      hope this helps and hope you had a good start to the CNY

  • chloe says:

    Hi Victoria sent u a note earlier. Not sure if u got it
    I tried the chocolate swirl bread. Texture nice and soft
    I have a problem. My bread after baking – one side – the long side bend s inwards
    The edge is not straight
    Any idea why? Also I want to try the ,85 percent sesame toast
    Did u add all the liquid
    Thank s and have a enjoyable and safe trip

    • Hi Chloe, I did reply your last question if you meant about asking the above question on the adding of liquid. Maybe you can check back on that post (as I added a couple other comments) probably the mango chiffon sandwich post, where u asked the question? Actually, maybe best you post questions relating to the particular bake at the post so it\’s easier for us to track.

      Can you show me a picture of your bread? I can gauge better this way. feel free to email me at I may take a while to reply since I am travelling.

  • Alib says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Your chocolate marble bread looks so pretty. I\’ve attempted chocolate marble bread using other bread recipe with same chocolate sheet recipe, but failed, because I can\’t shape it properly due to leaking chocolate, and I found the rolling is very difficult as the dough retract. That was my past experience.

    Looking at how beautiful yours is, I\’m tempted to try again using your recipe. I saw you\’ve another post on Hokkaido Milk Chocolate Marbled Loaf using tangzhong method ( Comparing both recipe, which one of the dough is easier to handle? As we usually can\’t consume bread fast enough, would the bread stay soft till the third day for both recipe?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alib, if you are looking for an easier to handle dough, the hokkaido one will suit you better. however, the recipe in this super soft chocolate marble bread post will keep soft (with proper storage).

      dough retracts because it hasn\’t been rested enough. next time, after first proofing and punching down. allow it to rest for 20 mins before rolling out. if it is still retracting, give it 30 mins resting. it should solve your problem.

      thanks for coming by 🙂

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