IMG_7277Ingredients (makes 22 rolls)

300g high protein flour
20g granulated sugar
5g salt
6g active dry yeast
110g milk
90g water
40g butter

Finishing (egg wash)
10g egg
20g milk

IMG_7276食材 (可做22个餐包)

高筋面粉 300克
砂糖 20克
盐 5克
速发干酵母 6克
牛奶 110克
水 90克
奶油 40克

收尾 (蛋汁)
鸡蛋 10克
牛奶 20克


IMG_7281– place all ingredients into bread machine, mix and allow to go through first rising

– divide dough into 25g per portion, cover with cling wrap and rest for 10-15mins

– shape dough gently into a ball, and proof for second time for c. 40-50mins

– bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 10-12 mins. once baked, brush a thin layer of egg/milk mixture on buns (after removing from oven) briskly

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7278– i halved the recipe and made 5 hippo buns, each 55g
我做了食谱半份 ~ 做了5个河马餐包,各55克

– to shape hippo

IMG_7263first, divide dough into 55g each

IMG_7264divide into 2 small portions, one medium portion, and one big portion
面团再次分割成4份 ~ 两个小份、一份中份、另一份大份

IMG_7265roll medium portion into a flat oval shape, and shape the biggest portion into a horizontal oval shape

IMG_7266place big portion over the flat dough. this becomes the hippo’s head

IMG_7267flatten the two small portions of dough into round disc, and make a cut in the middle. then make a twist
两份小面团擀平、切开然后交错 (如上)

IMG_7269place the small portions behind the face

IMG_7270place sesame seeds as eyes, and chocolate chips (use normal size, and not mini chocolate chips) as nostrils

IMG_7271brush egg wash

IMG_7272use the back of a knife to score hippo’s mouth

IMG_7273and here you go.. we’re done
完成啦! 简单哈?

IMG_7275adding fun to my breakfast


Pollution index: raining in Rio de Janeiro (why does it rain everywhere I go)

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