IMG_7399my last chocolate steamed huat kuey received many positive feedback and
someone on Facebook asked if there was anyway to replace the cocoa powder as she was worried her kids will get “heaty”
so i like to dedicate this to her, and to those out there who dealing with an expiring kaya situation
⁺✧.(˃̶ ॣ⌣ ॣ˂̶∗̀)ɞ⁾

Ingredients (makes 4 huat kuey)

120g cake flour
5g baking powder
100g kaya
120g water

食材 (可做4个发糕)

蛋糕粉 120克
泡打粉 5克
咖椰酱 100克
水 120克


IMG_7403– sift cake flour and baking flour together

– add in water, mix well then add in kaya. combine thoroughly

– if using cupcake liner, please ensure you place this into a solid baking cup (to avoid liners from falling apart during steaming) before placing to steam

– fill liners with batter till 90% full and steam over high heat for 15 mins (my practice is to steam for 12 mins, turn off fire, then leave it in the steamer for 3 mins before opening the lid)
面糊倒入纸杯至9分满,用大火蒸15 分钟 (我本人的怪癖是蒸12分钟后,熄火,在以预热继续蒸煮发糕3分钟。3分钟后在开盖)

Personal notes/唠叨一下下!!!:

IMG_7400– please always remember the golden rule to steaming ~ that is to cover the lid with cloth
牵记万记 ~ 蒸煮时必须用块布盖包着蒸锅盖儿

– never ever open the lid to check on the cakes during steaming process
蒸煮过程中千万不可开盖儿 🙅🙅🙅

– bought my lovely classic rose cup liners from 小北烘焙

Pollution index: 43 (good)

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