IMG_7523with mooncakes, i have always been confused with the technical terms like “ten head”, “eight head”.. etc.. what does it mean?
and i finally figured out..
10 head ~ 50g mooncake
8 head ~ 63g mooncake
5 head ~ 100g mooncake
4 head ~ 125g moon cake
anyway, i love these new moulds… great giveaways for the elderlys
10头 ~ 50克月饼
8头 ~ 63克月饼
5头 ~ 100克月饼
4 头 ~ 125克月饼

Recipe adapted & translated from 君之

Ingredients (makes ten 100g moon cake)

Mooncake skin ingredients
100g flour
5g milk powder
75g golden syrup
1g alkaline water
25g peanut oil

750g lotus paste
10 salted egg yolk (raw ones preferred)

egg wash (1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp egg white)

IMG_7531食材 (可做 10个 100克月饼)





IMG_7525– add alkaline water into golden syrup. mix well

– mix in peanut oil, followed by flour & milk powder. sift in flour & milk powder, and knead into a dough. cover with cling wrap and rest dough for 1 hour
在混合好的糖浆里,加入花生油,并搅拌混合均匀。 倒入面粉和奶粉。 揉成面团。揉好的面团包上保鲜膜静置1个小时

– meantime, prepare raw salted egg yolk (cooked ones are discouraged here). if your egg yolks have a “fishy” smell, you can soak the yolk in vegetable oil for half hour ~ this gets rid of the smell

– divide dough and filling into equal portions. dough to skin proportion should be 2:8. hence if you are making a 100g moon cake, each portion of dough skin should be 20g, and lotus paste + egg yolk should be 80g

– slice a portion of lotus paste into halve, and place a piece of egg yolk in between. seal the lotus paste so it wraps the egg yolk in between and shape into a ball

– flatten a portion of dough on your palm (please ensure your palm is dusted with flour)

– place a portion of lotus paste + yolk filling in the middle of the dough, and using both hands, push the dough upwards carefully so that it wraps the entire filling. be careful with the pressure you apply whilst wrapping the paste so that the thickness around the filling is even. ensure that the filling is not exposed
把莲蓉馅放在面团中间, 用两只手把饼皮慢慢往上推,包裹住莲蓉。继续往上推,直到把莲蓉完全包住。注意力度,要尽量让饼皮厚薄均匀,不要露馅

– shape wrapped moon cake into a ball, and sift a little flour on top of the ball (this aids in de-moulding). place dough into mould and press the mooncake directly onto baking sheet. please ensure it is an UNGREASED baking sheet, and do not line with parchment or baking paper. aluminium foil is fine

– release mould puncher and you have your shaped mooncake. spray a thin layer of water onto mooncakes and bake in preheated oven of 200 degrees C. 5 mins after baking (when the design on the mooncake skin is set), remove the entire tray of mooncake and brush with egg wash. Brush only the top, and not the sides. place mooncakes back into oven again until the sides of mooncake have slightly plumped up and the surface has been evenly browned. this takes around 20 mins (baking time is for reference only)

Junsmore’s tips/君之 tips
– the process of making mooncake is fairly straightforward but the difficulty is ensuring the designs and prints on the mooncake stays intact after baking. the key point to achieving this is to ensure that the skin is not too thick and to maintain a 2:8 (dough vs filling ratio) proportion. if the skin is too thick, the designs tend to lose its prints during baking. also, please ensure you use good quality golden syrup. if the syrup is too diluted, it will also resulted in vague designs post baking

– please do not forget to spray water on the mooncake before baking

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7530– interested in my Fu Lu Shou mooncake mould? check out Taobao. However the shop where I purchased the moulds from had ceased operations

– i made my egg yolk mooncake with the normal round shape 100g mould

– i had extra moon cake dough and used my rooster mould to press out biscuits

IMG_7528I’m submitting this post to Best Recipes for Everyone August 2014 Event Theme: Mooncake hosted by Fion of XuanHom’s Mom



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