IMG_7607was tiding my cartons of mould and saw this “长命百岁” mould (literally translated meaning long life to hundred years)
and i went.. oh.. when did i buy this..
well, i find myself in this situation nearly every other day.. anyway…
i was keen to put this to use to bake my chinese almond cake.. the cake was awesome looking before baking but after..should have taken picture..*grumble grumble*
my cake looked totally like a mummy! yikes… oh well, the cake is still yummy anyhow
mould is from 花瓣夭夭
(又再)整理模具箱时,突然发现新大陆。。。拉出这么一个宝贝模子~ 长命百岁呐~ 翻了白眼数次。。。呃。。啥时候买滴。。
anyways! 脱模前,杏仁饼的纹路真滴很美。。后悔没照相。。。

Recipe adapted from Leisure Cat

Ingredients (makes about 54 cakes)

150g whole almonds (with skin)
600g mung bean flour
450g icing sugar *i find this a little sweet and suggest you cut if you do not have a sweet tooth
150g almond meal
50ml water
300g lard/shortening
1 tsp almond essence (optional)

食材 (可做54个杏仁饼)

杏仁原粒(带皮) 150克
绿豆粉 600克
糖粉 450克 *我觉得偏甜,如果不爱甜食,建议减量
杏仁粉 150克
猪油/固体菜油 300克
水 50毫升
杏仁香精 1小匙 (可省略)


– place whole almonds into bag, and crush with rolling pin

– add ingredients (except water) Into a large mixing bowl and mix well. add in water, and knead gently with hands till there are no more lumps

– fill cavity of mould with cookie dough, turn mould downwards to press dough firmly into mould. turn mould back upwards, and scrap off excessive dough with scraper. knock mould on table top a few times and unmould cookie onto baking pan (best to unmould and bake on a cooling rack). repeat till dough is all used up

– bake in preheated oven of 150 degrees C for 30 mins with DOOR OPEN. this helps to dry the almond cakes. when done, remove from oven and allow to cool completely on rack
送入预热至150摄氏度烤箱 烤 30分钟,不要关门,以烘干杏仁餅,取出放在 网丝架上待涼即成

IMG_7606my mummified almond cakes

Pollution index: 50 (good)


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