IMG_7673Ingredients (makes a 17cm chiffon cake)

40g egg yolk
40ml coconut oil (or salad oil)
90ml water
80g cake flour
1/8 tsp salt
60g crunchy peanut butter

160g egg white
50g caster sugar

IMG_7671食材 (可做一个17厘米)

蛋黄 40克
椰子油 40毫升(沙拉油 ok)
水 90毫升
蛋糕粉 80克
盐 1/8小匙
颗粒花生酱 60克

蛋白 160克
绵白糖 50克


IMG_7670– place oil, water and peanut butter into saucepan. boil it over medium heat, stirring constantly till it reaches 65 degrees C

  • remove from heat, sift in flour/salt and mix well. cover with cling wrap and allow it to cool a bit. add in egg yolk in a few additions. set aside

  • prepare egg white meringue, beating and adding sugar in 3 additions. beat till stiff, shiny peak
    准备蛋白霜 ~ 绵白糖分3次加入蛋白,打发至有光泽、硬性状态

  • add a portion of egg white meringue into egg yolk batter and incorporate well with an egg whisk. add in another portion of egg white meringue and switch to a rubber spatula. fold thoroughly

  • pour entire egg yolk batter into egg white meringue and fold

  • pour into pan, and bake on second lower rack of over, in preheated oven of 175 degrees for 40 mins

ෆ⃛(ٛ⌯ॢ˃ ɪ ˂ٛ⌯ॢ)

This post is linked to the event Little Thumbs Up (August 2014, Flour, organised by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids and Mui Mui from my little favourite DIY, hosted by Diana from Domestic Goddess Wannabe 

little thumbs up

Pollution index: 102 (unhealthy)


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