IMG_7722did you ever realise that life after 30 flies really fast? in the bat of an eyelid, i’m.. OMG….
but well, as i grow old(er), i got the number of my age delisted…
and this is the age that i start to bloom.. wey heh heh…

Recipe adapted from 美食吧

Ingredients (makes nine 40g peach buns)

250g flour
20g sugar
4g yeast
125g water
4 drops of pandan paste * i used 1/2 tsp of homemade pandan extract
2 drops of pink food colouring * i used 3 drops of red food colouring
some water

Filling * i omitted
360g red bean paste, divided into 9 portions

IMG_7726食材 (可做 9个 40克寿桃馒头)

普通面粉 250克
斑斓油4滴 * 我用了1/2小匙自制斑斓香精
粉色食用色素2滴 *我用了3滴红色色素


* please refer to above link for shaping instructions

IMG_7727– place all dough ingredients into bread maker, and beginning kneading process for about 20 mins, until dough is soft and shiny. allow to proof in the machine for about 1hr 10 mins, or till twice the original size

– remove dough and hand knead for about 10 mins after first proof till it is pliable. divide into 40g portion (please do not omit this kneading process as it will aid in achieving a smooth bun after steaming)

– press down one portion of dough into a disc, wrap a portion of filling and seal seams. shape into a ball and twist the dough to give it a pointed top

– using a ruler (i suggest flouring it), press the dough into half

– pinch some of the extra dough, and add pandan paste into it. knead thoroughly to get a green dough

– divide green dough into 9 portions. roll a portion into a long olive shape, and make imprints of leaf using a ruler. place the peach shaped bun on top of the leaf and wrap the leaf around the dough

– add a little bit of water to the 2 drops of red food colouring, and using a soft toothbrush, “splash” colouring on the bun by rubbing your thumb against the toothbrush

– place buns into steamer filled with water, and cover. allow to rise for another 20 mins

– bring the water in steamer to boil, and once it boils, turn down to medium heat and steam for 12 mins. turn off fire, and open lid only 5 mins later

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7725– i did not like big leaves, and used a small leaf fondant cutter to cut mini leaves out of the pandan dough

– reminder reminder: always remember to cover steamer lid with a piece of cloth before steaming
再次唠叨:牵记万记 ~ 蒸包子/馒头时,蒸锅盖子一定要用布裹上,要不就变成橙皮包子啦

– i did not place my buns to rise in the steamer. i just brought the water to boil, placed the buns in, turn the heat down to medium, and steamed for 10 mins. turned off the fire, and allow it to sit for another 2 mins before removing

– another tip: if you realise the “dividing” line on your bun has somewhat “disappeared” after steaming, no fret… take your ruler and quickly press on the bun while it’s still piping hot!
分享偶滴小心得 ~ 如蒸了馒头后发觉寿桃上的分割线不明显,可用尺子,趁馒头刚出炉时,立马在馒头上再次压上线条。。不过一定要趁热哈!

IMG_7723happy birthday to me.. happy birthday to me

This post is linked to the event Little Thumbs Up (August 2014, Flour, organised by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids and Mui Mui from my little favourite DIY hosted by Diana from Domestic Goddess Wannabe

little thumbs up

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