IMG_7830my ugly and dilapidated roof cake…

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Dark chocolate cake (i made my cake in a L31 x W21cm swiss roll pan)
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Sugar syrup
75g water
65g caster sugar
1 tbsp rum

Buttercream recipe adapted and modified from Kitchenaid Instructions and recipes book
75g butter, softened
1/4 cup whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
3 cups powdered sugar

Chocolate ganache adapted from
8 ounces good semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup heavy cream * i used whipping cream
1 tsp instant coffee granules

* 烘焙时量杯和重量换算,请参考链接

黑巧克力蛋糕食谱 (我用了长31 x 宽21 厘米蛋糕卷烤盘)

水 75克
绵白糖 65克
朗姆酒 1大匙

软化黄油 75克
淡奶油 1/4 杯
香草精 1小匙
盐 1/4小匙
糖霜 3杯

微甜巧克力豆 8盎司
鲜奶油  1/2 杯 *我用了淡奶油
速溶咖啡粉 1小匙


– bake cake and allow to cool. meantime, prepare sugar syrup by placing all (sugar syrup) ingredients into a saucepan, heating over low heat. stir constantly till sugar dissolved. remove saucepan from heat

– prepare buttercream by beating butter till creamy, then add in whipping cream, vanilla extract, salt and 1 cup of powdered sugar. mix well, and then add in the rest of the powdered sugar cup by cup. adjust consistency by either adding more powdered sugar, or adding milk (by tablespoon) if buttercream becomes too stiff. set aside. do not chill
准备奶油霜 ~ 将软化黄油打发后,加入淡奶油、香草精、盐和1杯糖霜。拌匀后,加入剩余的糖霜。糖霜必须一杯一杯加入,拌匀后,才加入下一杯。如果觉得奶油霜太干,可适当加入牛奶(如需加入牛奶,请以一大匙一大匙加入,不可一次过加入太多)。准备好的奶油霜待用。不可冷藏

IMG_7802slice cake into 4 equal pieces

IMG_7803brush sugar syrup on top of one slice

IMG_7804spread buttercream on cake very carefully

IMG_7806place a slice of cake on top of the above
repeat the process till you have a 4 layer cake
freeze cake for 30 mins

IMG_7807slice cake diagonally

IMG_7808brush sugar syrup, and spread buttercream on the base of one of the cake (this base i am referring to is either the top or bottom of the original unsliced cake)

IMG_7810join both the cakes together

IMG_7811then, spread the remaining buttercream over the surface of the entire cake. freeze for 1 hour
将剩余奶油霜涂抹在蛋糕顶部上。 蛋糕冷冻1小时

– meantime, prepare chocolate ganache: cook the chocolate chips, heavy cream, and instant coffee in the top of a double boiler over simmering water until smooth and warm, stirring occasionally

– remove cake from freezer and pour ganache over the cake. chill cake for 3-4 hours before slicing and serving

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_7829– this is the second time i am making this cake. i suggest using a long rectangle swiss roll pan if you like a “taller” roof. if you use a normal square pan, the roof becomes “shorter”
这是我第二次烘焙这款蛋糕 ~ 如果你比较喜欢“高”屋顶蛋糕,我建议象我一样,运用长方形的蛋糕烤模。如果你用普通四方形蛋糕模,你的屋顶蛋糕会偏”矮“哈。。

– the challenges i met with this cake is in the diagonal slicing, and spreading of buttercream. so do exercise some patience when approaching these steps

– don’t worry about the outlook of the cake during each step since it is covered mostly by buttercream, and in turn, by chocolate ganache. the crucial bits are to ensure an evenly baked cake, and that the diagonal slice is even

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