IMG_7862petit little tartlets ~ one tartlet per mouthful ~~ sweetness without the guilt ~~ super duper uber yummy
小小蛋挞 ~ 一口一颗 ~~ 甜而不腻~~ 太好吃了。。

Recipe adapted with modifications from/原食谱经调整取自于: My Little Favourite DIY


tart pastry
250g unsalted butter
1 egg
1 tablespoons castor sugar 
400g all purpose flour

100g sugar
150ml hot water
250ml milk
1/8 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 large eggs and 1 egg white

IMG_7867 食材

无盐黄油 250克
鸡蛋 1颗
绵白糖 1大匙  
面粉 400克

糖 100克
热水 150毫升
牛奶 250毫升
盐 1/8 小匙
香草精 1 小匙
蛋白 1颗


IMG_7861– prepare tart pastry: add butter and sugar into a food processor bowl. Pulse a few times til it is creamy. Add eggs, pulse a few more times till combine. Add in flour pulse again till it comes together into a dough

  • remove dough out from the bowl and bring them together to a lump. Cover and let it rest for 30 minute

  • roll out dough into 4mm thick and cut with a round pastry cutter. place dough disk into egg tart tins and press lightly to fit into the egg tart tin. (Make sure it is fitted firm and flat at the base of the egg tart tin. If there is air trap at the base, the egg tart crust will bake out to have a little dome at the bottom and can’t hold much fillings)
    面团擀平至 4毫米(mm) 厚度,用圆模切出比挞模较大的面皮。将面皮压入模具。一定要压平。如果底部有空隙,挞皮在烘焙过程中会凸起,使馅料外泄

  • chill the lined tart tins overnight or at least 2 hours till they are very firm

  • prepare filling: dissolve sugar in hot water. then add milk, salt, vanilla extract. beat eggs lightly and add into sugar solution
    制作内陷 ~白糖融入于热水。加入牛奶、盐和香草精。拌匀。鸡蛋和蛋白打散,倒入糖浆

  • sieve egg mixture and pour into cold tart crust

  • bake in a centre rack of 200 degrees C ~ i baked mine bigger tarts (8cm in diameter) for 33 mins and mini tarts for 18 mins
    送入预热至 200摄氏度中层烤箱~ 大蛋挞(直径 8厘米)烤了 33分钟、迷你蛋挞烤了 18分钟

IMG_7866this is really good ~~

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